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Go virtual, deliver an event experience that simulates in-person events

An all-in-one virtual events platform that delivers an amazing experience to everyone, anywhere.

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Transforming the future of events

With a virtual events platform that’s both available on web and mobile, attendees can be anywhere in the world and still each get a unique experience that has all the essential components of an on-ground event and even more.

Networking that matters

Building meaningful connections is the heart of any event. In the networking hub, people will be able to send messages and connect with anyone at the event via text messages, peer to peer video chat or group video chat. Our matchmaking algorithm will optimize the experience by connecting people with shared interests and skills together.

Robust content management

Virtual event experience is so much more than just a live video. That’s why you can build a full agenda on our platform, where multiple sessions are running simultaneously and attendees are interacting with the content. Speakers are provided with a Backstage to prep for their sessions and a wide range of session broadcast options, for a smooth and successful experience.

High interactivity and engagement

Just like we always delivered at Eventtus, our platform guarantees a high level of engagement. Through features such as live Q&As and polls, one-on-one & peer chats, the social feed, and quick surveys, everyone at your event will be interacting together while you can monitor all of that on your own real-time analytics dashboard.

Putting the spotlight on your partners and sponsors

Strong partnerships are here to stay. Give your sponsors and partners the exposure they deserve through featured content, ad placements, or brand exposure all across the platform. You can even simulate a live exhibition by having virtual booths for your sponsors, where they can showcase their products.

Everything you need at one place

We mirrored the on-ground experience through the platform’s welcome reception where visitors can find a wide spectrum of features, including in-house, reliable video streaming, ticketing & mobile app integration, a networking lounge, and powerful content management.

All-in-one Platform that empowers event organizers to create the most engaging and reliable virtual events.

Welcome reception

Branded event site to mirror the on-ground experience, with a page to welcome attendees in text or video. Easy to navigate.

Broadcast sessions

Let speakers broadcast sessions via live (or pre-recorded) videos, upload presentations, share screens, and answer attendees’ questions.

Schedule & multi-track agenda

Highlight speakers, session descriptions, timing, and sponsors (if any).

Speakers Backstage

The event backstage is where you can prep your speakers, introduce them to each other, and help them mic-up to start their live session.

Networking lounge – Beta

Attendees can network with each other through live chat or video chat in the networking lounge. Our matchmaking algorithm makes it easy to find and connect with relevant attendees.

Live questions & polls

Host interactive events. Allow attendees to ask live questions during sessions and speakers answer it in realtime. Create live polls and get instant results.

Sponsors & exhibitions

Highlight your sponsors and exhibitors. Create different profiles for each company with their contact details, presentation, documents, and gift bag.

Sell tickets & collect payment

Your own customized registration page. Simple and reliable payment gateway with multiple payment options and currencies.

Analytics & reports

You can download your attendees’ data, ticket details, and review all questions and sessions’ interactions through the live analytics dashboard.

Go Virtual, Go Limitless

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