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Simple, transparent pricing that scales with your event!

Pay as you go with no long-term commitments.
Starts at $3.5 / attendee.
All features included!

How many attendees would you expect?

Attendee credits are equal to the number of attendees expected to access the platform. It can be used for multiple events and is valid for 12 months. The more you add, the less it costs you per attendee.

Ticketing: We charge 3.5% + $0.99 / ticket for paid registrations (doesn’t include 3% payment gateway fees).
If your event is free, registration is always free.

Estimated price details

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Ticketing: We charge 3.5% + $0.99 / ticket for paid registrations (doesn’t include 3% payment gateway fees). If your event is free, registration is always free.

Unlimited Features!

Virtual + Mobile App = Engaging Virtual & Hybrid events

Mobile App

Interactive mobile app to help you increase audience engagement. Your attendees can watch sessions, join circles, interact with speakers and more..

Native Video Streaming

100% native streaming, no need to integrate other platforms or ask your speakers to download different apps.

Ticketing & Registration

Customizable registration and ticketing system fully integrated with the virtual experience. Reliable payment gateway to collect attendees data and sell tickets.

Sessions Recordings

All sessions are automatically recorded and available to download right after each session ends. You are in control and you own your event recordings.

Speakers Backstage

The event backstage is where you can prep your speakers, introduce them to each other, and help them mic-up to start their live session.

Analytics & Reports

Realtime dashboard to track your event’s success. Track active users, top speakers, sessions ratings and more.

Public or Private Events

Works perfectly for public consumer events, invitation only events, or private corporate events. We take your event’s data security and privacy very seriously.

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Multiple days, multiple tracks and as many concurrent sessions as you want. Easy to navigate agenda with multiple filters by track, tag keywords or session type.

Interactive Sessions

Reliable HD sessions streaming with Polls, Q&A, live chat and reactions to help your speakers deliver interactive sessions.

Networking Hub

Attendees can network with each other through live chat or video meetings. Our matchmaking algorithm makes it easy to find and connect with relevant attendees.

Sponsors & Exhibitors ROI

Increase exhibitors ROI with different virtual booths options. Auto-play videos, call-to-action button, live chatting with team members and live streaming via booth circles.

Robust Exhibitors Portal

Your exhibitors are in control. They can customize their own virtual booth, invite team members to represent the company online and receive live analytics directly on their portal.

Looking for a more customized plan? Let’s talk

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • API Integration
  • Unlimited events, unlimited streaming hours
  • Onboarding and event setup
  • Advanced Reports
  • During events technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem, you can buy the numbers you wish to achieve at your event and if you don’t hit this number, attendees credit will be still available at your account for 12 months and valid to use it for multiple events.
Of course! You can top up your account anytime to extend sales and registrations
Yes, we offer 20% discount for registered non-profit organizations, reach out to us at [email protected]
You can find many answers and step by step guides in our Knowledge Center. If you still need help, reach out to us at [email protected]

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