Why Lead Retrieval is Essential for your Trade Shows


Exhibitors spend a good fortune on marketing during a trade show, so being able to find a number of prospective clients and leads would provide them with measurable ROI. Many use traditional methods of capturing, like collecting business cards or taking down notes; but there are a lot of things that could go wrong in going traditional. At the rush hours of the event, it is difficult to keep track of people visiting an exhibitor’s booth.

That is where lead retrieval technology comes in for trade shows. It replaces the old means to provide you, as an event organizer, with a way to connect better with your partners who exhibit at your events. You could provide them with a tangible way to measure their ROI, and help them generate and qualify leads easily.

Here is why lead retrieval technology is essential for your trade show:

Faster, cheaper, easier

There are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world today; so it would be smart to communicate with prospective leads using the technology they use.

Why resort to conventional methods that prolong the process, when you can do it with a simple QR code scan? Instead of trying to collect business cards and jotting down your impression on the person you met or important information they told you about themselves hurriedly, using a lead retrieval app would facilitate the process of capturing and qualifying the leads.

Simply, exhibitors just scan the attendee’s badge when they visit the booth, and their registered information (name, job title, company) would automatically be saved on the app. Instead of using memory or some scribbled notes, the exhibitor can immediately rate the lead and note down any comments about them.

Traditional methods of capturing and lead retrieval for trade shows seem cheaper, but that’s just on the short run. When you think of it, all the money spent on exhibiting during an event goes to waste if there are no qualified leads generated from it. Instead of all the effort and time spent manually transcribing contact information of the leads you met onto your system, you can find all the data on the app and just seamlessly integrate it with your CRM for it to be ready to use for follow up.

Using lead retrieval would notably cut down on paper and on errors.

Better lead collection and qualification

Not having a single, dependable tool to collect all leads together and qualify them based on a valid system makes the lead retrieval process very difficult and chaotic.

Each lead retrieval app has a uniform scale to qualify leads. Sometimes trade show exhibitors using traditional methods fall into the trap of inaccurate judgments by the different team members, as each person has a different perception of the leads’ rating scale. Using an app to qualify leads will encourage team collaboration, as everyone using the app qualifies leads based on the pre-set scale, which leads to more accurate results.

Once the event is over, all the leads gathered and qualified can be found altogether, ready to be exported as a rich file that exhibitors can use to start the follow-up process with the prospective customers. Noteworthy lead retrieval apps are the ones that integrate easily with the CRM each exhibitor uses to ease and quicken the data export.

More insight about each lead

After an encounter with a potential lead, we sometimes feel like there is some missing information that we should have asked about to make a valid judgment about the person.

Really good lead retrieval apps allow exhibitors to pre-set questions they feel are essential to ask a potential lead, and record their answers as a part of the qualifying process. Using preset questions helps standardize the procedure so that all leads are judged by the same criteria, no matter which team member is qualifying them.

So instead of just having a name, a job title and the basic contact information, exhibitors get a significant insight about each lead they met, so that the filtration process is facilitated and potential clients are identified easier.

Build meaningful connections

How do all of these benefits serve you as an event organizer? Well, the happier your exhibitors are during and after your event, the better chance you have of maintaining long-term partnerships with the same exhibitors, or even developing new ones that are inspired by the success of your event.

87% of exhibitors rate exhibitions as highly valuable for achieving business promotions; so if you keep most of your exhibitors happy, they are probably more likely to invest in your future events again and will spread positive word-of-mouth on your brand, helping you reach more potential exhibitors and build more meaningful connections.

Why is Lead Retrieval essential for your trade shows?

Lead retrieval apps are a powerful tool in today’s ecosystem where connections are everything. You turn visitors into prospects, and prospects into qualified leads, which give the headstart needed to establish a relationship with customers.

Take your event to the next level, and showcase to your exhibitors how using a lead retrieval app will give them their marketing investment’s worth.

For more information on a powerful lead retrieval app and how it works, you can check out Eventtus Leadbox.

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