Buying an app for your event is an investment, and because it is so, you should make sure that you’re investing in an event app that will deliver to you the value that you are expecting.

Having the right event app is a crucial factor in the success of your event. So between all the event apps being promoted, how can you know that you are getting an exceptional one? Make sure that you are getting your investment’s worth through an event app that has all the components needed for event success.

We’ve listed for you the essential characteristics:

What makes a great event app?

  • Ease of use

A great event app has to be easy to use, by both the event organizer and the attendees. Many app providers give you access to a bulky list of features that you can custom-add, leaving you with many features that you don’t really need. This can sometimes stand in the way of an effortless app experience, leaving everyone frustrated. Everyone should be able to use an event app effortlessly, without needing to have a technical background.

Request a demo before buying the event app to get an overview of how it works and to make sure that it is user-friendly and uncomplicated.

  • Beautiful user experience

An app’s appearance and straightforward interactions is what makes it appealing to use by the event attendees. That is why as important as it is for the event app to function well, it should also look elegant and sleek. A beautiful user interface is what determines an average app from a great one.

  • Personalized attendee experience

By using an event app that has personalization features such as creating your own agenda, receiving suggestions of sessions that you may like, intelligent matchmaking and getting custom notifications based on places you’ve visited in the venue, you are allowing each visitor to get a tailored event experience. Everyone will feel that the event directly communicates with them.

  • Monetization opportunities available

A bonus yet significant quality of an event app is that it provides the opportunity for you to create a revenue stream from it. Can you promote your exhibitors and partners in the event app? Can you provide high exposure and visibility for your app sponsors in the main menus or through sending promotional notifications to their targeted audience?

The opportunity to monetize your event app is a dealbreaker. It can help you measure the ROI of the app and strengthen your long-term partnerships with sponsors and exhibitors. Ask your event app provider about the possible monetization sources that you could receive, so that you could estimate the value of that app before buying it.

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  • Built for maximum engagement

A high engagement rate increases the attendees’ satisfaction about the event and makes them more likely to attend again the following year. 85% of attendees are more likely to come back the following years in the future events you organize and 89% are more likely to recommend the event to their peers if they had a positive experience.

Keeping this value in mind, Eventtus event app  has an engagement rate of 97%.

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  • Networking opportunities available

76% of people attend events mainly to network and meet new, relevant connections; so facilitating the opportunities to network for your event attendees will increase their overall satisfaction during the event. Recently, Eventtus introduced matchmaking tool in its event app, which connects attendees with people of similar interests and skills, so that they could network efficiently and effectively. Other networking features include in-app messaging, meeting scheduler, digital business card exchange and a private social feed.

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  • Real-time content

One of the reasons people use technology over traditional printed materials such as brochures and flyers is that event apps make it possible to update the information on it in real-time. Whenever there’s an unexpected change in the agenda or a cancellation, having an event app allows you to easily modify the content to be up-to-date at all times during the event.

  • Advanced analytics

This feature is what really makes a difference between a regular event app and an exceptional one. Analytics are a powerful tool for measuring performance, return on investment and an event’s success. At any time during the event, you can monitor the data and statistics about information like the app’s adoption rate, the number of messages sent between attendees, each session’s rating and a lot more through an extensive analytics dashboard.

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