While it’s important to keep your attendees engaged and satisfied, it is important that you provide the means for your exhibitors and sponsors to achieve the goals that they had set for your event. Exhibitors attend events to raise awareness about their brand, create partnerships, meet current clients or to keep up with the competitors. The main goal, though, that 72% of exhibitors exhibit for is to generate leads.

The conventional approach

In an event where exhibitors or sponsors network with a wide range of potential leads and exchange contact information, it becomes inconvenient to carry a lot of business cards while trying to remember the important details about each person – what’s their contact information, how relevant are they to the business, will it be profitable to partner with them. The alternative would be to try to jot everything down in real-time, which is just as troublesome.

So how can exhibitors conclude that their presence in the event was successful, and in turn, pursue a stronger partnership with your company? Without the use of a system that tracks and retains an exhibitor’s activity in their booth, there would be no tangible ROI to measure and evaluate.

Nowadays, the event software technology has evolved with a solution to put the traditional methods behind: lead capture and retrieval systems.

What is Lead Retrieval?

Lead retrieval helps the exhibitors measure the cost-effectiveness of their presence in the event, by allowing them to see a live demonstration of the leads obtained and their quality. Using a lead retrieval app, exhibitors scan the unique QR codes of each lead, gather them all easily on the app and qualify them based on their relevance to the business.

Why is lead retrieval beneficial?

  • Easy lead collection

Bid the traditional methods goodbye. Manually collecting business cards and writing on paper what you remember about each lead is inefficient and strenuous. Using a lead retrieval app facilitates and fastens the process of saving leads and electronically noting any comments about them. All the leads your exhibitors will meet will be gathered in one station.

  • Better lead qualification

Instead of the inconsistent methods of qualifying leads that differ from one person to the other, collecting and qualifying leads has become easy, quick and accurate. All members of the exhibitor’s team in the event will be able to rate the leads using the same qualification metrics. This saves time and resources and makes the process entirely accessible through the app.

  • Measure performance easily

Through the app’s dashboard and analytics, exhibitors won’t have to use complex techniques after the event is over to understand how well their team succeeded in obtaining qualified leads. A lead retrieval app has real-time reports and metrics that demonstrate a full picture on the leads that passed by the booth – who they are, their relevance to the business and any additional information that could factor in their qualification.

Eventtus Lead Retrieval App has really made a big difference. Instead of exchanging business cards, attendees scanned each other’s QR code on their name-tags to get their contacts on their phone. 9,349 scans were made! It was a truly exciting experience.”

Guillaume De Smedt, Startup Grind’s Global VP.

  • Creates harmony between the team

When the exhibitor is invited to use a lead retrieval app, they too can invite their team members to collaborate together on the app. The exhibitor can monitor each team member’s performance during the event, and the team members can exchange notes on the leads they met.

  • Integrates with CR

When all the valuable data has been collected, exhibitors can connect and directly export the leads to their CRM (customer relationship management), to align the sales team and signal them to initiate the follow-up process with the qualified leads. Being able to integrate with any CRM is a dealbreaker in a lead retrieval app; your exhibitor will want to view and manage the data that they’ve gathered in your event, quickly and easily.

  • Provides tangible ROI,
    & compensates for money spent on exhibiting

It is not enough to create partnerships; a success metric would be that you maintain and nurture these partnerships. By giving your exhibitors access to a lead retrieval app, you will be providing them with a way to measure the value of their presence in your event. Having a tangible ROI means that exhibitors can compensate for the money spent on exhibiting, encouraging and empowering them to retain your partnership and invest more in your future events.

Getting the lead retrieval solution from Eventtus couldn’t have been easier.

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