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One of the top reasons people attend events, especially in-person events, is to network. The same can be said for virtual events, where people can participate in virtual roundtables and connect with like-minded people.

Data shows that roughly 80% of people attend online events and conferences for education and networking. (Markletic)

Statistics from virtual events also show that up to 50% of jobs were filled through networking, while 80% of professionals believe that networking can help them advance in their careers.

And yet despite many businesses making a shift to virtual events since March 2020, many struggled with helping their attendees and their salespeople network in a virtual setting.

Both attendees and businesses wondered: How are we going to network when we couldn’t see or meet people? How are we going to replicate the networking experience online?

That’s where virtual event platforms come in.

At Eventtus, we understood this early and are constantly working on helping event organizers, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees network in a virtual venue.

Find out how you can network in a virtual setting with Eventtus.

Virtual networking with Eventtus

As a business or event organizer, you get many virtual networking opportunities when you use Eventtus as your virtual event platform.

Eventtus Circles and roundtables 

Also known as virtual roundtables, the Eventtus Circles are where all the networking takes place in your virtual event or conference.

These are the circles that you as an event organizer will use to engage with your audience.

There are two types of Circles: Booth Circles and Event Circles.

Booth Circles

Eventtus’ Booth Circles are those that you, as an event organizer, offer to exhibitors. You can decide on the number of Circles each exhibitor gets.

We designed the Booth Circles to help exhibitors interact, engage, and connect with attendees and potential customers.

You can explore the Circles feature when you create a free account on Eventtus.

You and your exhibitors can use your Booth Circles whichever way you see fit.

At Eventtus, we recommend naming the Circles based on the topic each one focuses on. So if you’re a marketing agency or holding a digital marketing summit, you can name your Circles based on the topics or themes you’re talking about.

For example, if you have 5 Circles, you can name them: SEO Circle, Content Marketing Circle, Social Media Ads Circle, and so on.

This allows you to attract attendees who want to network virtually but don’t know where to start.


Design your circle 

For attendees to engage and network with you, you’ll want to attract them to your virtual booth.

The Circles feature allows you to add a design to grab their attention.

You can add a banner, name the circle, and add a short description to explain what the circle is about and use it to attract attendees and businesses.


Virtual roundtables with the Eventtus mobile app

One of the main benefits that you get when using the Eventtus virtual platform is the mobile app.

The Eventtus mobile app allows you to stay connected with your audience at all times.

Many times people sign up for an event only to have to back out at the last minute. With a mobile app, they don’t have to worry about being unable to attend your virtual event or conference.

Attendees can attend talks, fireside chats, and workshops from the mobile app. 

What makes the Eventtus mobile app unique is that it allows you as an event organizer to break the barriers of distance and travel. It allows people from different countries in your virtual event to participate no matter where they are.

And best of all, the Eventtus mobile app is part of any event you decide to hold. Whether it’s a small event or a huge one, the mobile app is part of the picture.


Ideas for networking virtually

It’s important to remember that everything that relates to your virtual event doesn’t start on the first day of the event. Rather, it starts before that.

The same applies to virtual networking.

We recommend you start the conversation about your event before the event itself begins. This will take place outside Eventtus but will help you connect with your audience.

Here are a few virtual networking ideas that you can use to engage your audience.

  •       Create a pre-session or pre-event chat
  •       Create a pre-event photo competition and announce the winner during the event
  •       Create Circles about certain topics to attract people looking to explore or discuss those topics
  •       Launch an interactive game or competition during the event
  •       Create a virtual watch party for your attendees



Although many businesses and attendees seem skeptical about networking online, it’s quite easy and an overall fun experience.

Why would people have to travel in order to attend an event when they can attend from the comfort of their home and network with people from across the globe.

At Eventtus, we’re constantly adding new features and upgrading old ones. The Circles feature is no exception.

And because we love supporting businesses in their shift to virtual, we invite you to sign up on the Eventtus platform and get $250 in credit for your first event.


Want to know more about Eventtus? Here’s a quick overview of the entire platform


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