Virtual events beyond the typical live streaming videos


In the past few weeks, there have been numerous virtual events and sessions being hosted, whether that’s music concerts, business conferences or entrepreneurial talks. People are realizing that virtual events are easier and cheaper to attend, while still getting an amazing experience.

At Eventtus, we have always been adapting to the market to meet customers’ needs, and proactive in taking innovative initiatives that transform the norm. That’s why when events were cancelled and postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and event planners started being concerned about the industry, we took the responsibility to do our thorough research and come up with a new, exclusive product that facilitates and evolves the future of events.

We realized that while people are resorting to live streaming on different platforms such as Facebook and Zoom to host sessions and webinars, event planners and attendees will still need the other essential components of an event experience that a simple live video does not completely fulfill. New types and formats of events will emerge to meet the different needs. Even when the pandemic is over, people’s behaviors will have shifted to favor the digital experience and it will be complementary to on-ground events. Our research and development led us to reimagine the whole event experience and aim to revamp the whole industry. We won’t just be adding a video component to our app; but we will be taking everyone on an exotic virtual journey that complements and completes the on-ground one. 

By studying and understanding event attendees’ needs and interests over the years and specifically during these times, we were able to develop a platform that combines all that one looks for in an event: information & awareness, networking & communication, and a sleek & professional user experience.

Early snippet of Eventtus’ virtual events platform.

Eventtus receives fund from investors to launch and grow its virtual events app at large scale

We were lucky enough to have partners and investors that believe in Eventtus and its team right from the start, and that immediately understood the long-term value of our new product, for the attendees, the planners and the industry.

Once we at Eventtus started our plans for the virtual events, we were able to raise funds for an undisclosed amount from Hala Ventures, Algebra Ventures and DAAL VC so that we could develop the product promptly and extensively so that it could be ready for the market within weeks from now.

“During crises, there are companies who blame the market for their own failures and those who use the market’s failure to make their own success. We believe that Eventtus belongs to the latter and thus we decided to invest in them during such a critical crisis.” — Ali A. Abussaud, founder & managing partner at Hala Ventures.

The team and I are currently working on something that’s completely different from what’s being featured in the market nowadays. We have a roadmap that allows us to redefine and reimagine the event experience from an advanced perspective that integrates the vital parts of the live and the virtual event. We are adapting to the fast-paced, everyday changes as we go, and we are still figuring some things out; but we have taken it upon ourselves to adapt and react to the current situation so that we could continue empowering event planners and everyone who loves events as much as we do.

Virtual events are here to stay. The current pandemic is changing human behaviors and how we use technology and do business. New types of events and content will be created, virtual networking is different from face to face socializing and the current video conferencing offering doesn’t fit the future of events. As unpleasant as the current situation is, I am hopeful about the future and happy to see our investors’ and partners’ confidence in us.

“What Eventtus has built over the last few years provides a solid foundation that will allow them to reinvent conferences and exhibitions. The team’s track record of creating innovative experiences makes us confident they can succeed in that.” — Ziad Mokhtar, General Partner at Algebra Ventures

We are looking forward to utilizing this fund to create, develop and innovate more. In the midst of these worrying circumstances, we are doing our best so that we can sustain the industry. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need to learn more about how you can organize engaging and successful, virtual events with Eventtus! 

In the meantime, make sure you fill the form below to get PRIVATE ACCESS to our virtual events platform exclusively once it launches. Looking forward to seeing you soon, virtually!

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