How Techila Con used Eventtus to launch a successful virtual event


Since Eventtus Virtual platform launched, we have been receiving many requests from event planners who want to switch to virtual events, using a solution that gives an experience similar to the in-person one. In the second week of June, Techila Con was able to effectively launch the online version of their event using Eventtus’ solution. Learn more about their successful experience.

About the event

Techila Con is an online and offline event that helps deliver innovative ideas that connect techies to their workplaces, businesses and startups. This year it was a virtual event held on 12th and 13th June 2020; which gathered techs and professionals from tech startups, to deliver masterclasses, hackathons, tools and community exhibitions.

  • It lasted for 2 days;
  • 1311 attendees joined the event (3x the initial goal!)
  • 60 speakers from Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Cairo and more;
  • 29 sessions were attended.

virtual event

The challenges

Seamless shift from offline to online

If you’re an event planner who is accustomed to organizing on-ground events every year, how can you quickly yet seamlessly transform to a virtual experience? This would usually require a lot of preparation and research to find a suitable tool that would not limit the event’s main components.

The solution

Such a challenge posed no threat to Techila Con when they learned about Eventtus’ virtual solution and decided to give it a go. In a matter of 3 days only, their event page was up and running smoothly, awaiting the attendees to go aboard on the day of the event. The Techila Con team found the onboarding process to the platform to be effortless, as it is designed with a user-friendly interface from both the organizers’ and the attendees’ perspective.

“Everything we needed was at one place – ticket registration, attendees database and profiles, and the event itself, were all on one platform. The UI and UX were all clear and organized – the feed, sessions, backstage – making navigation very easy and seamless.” — Nour AbdelAal, Co-founder of Techila Con and CEO at Code Geist.

virtual event

Delivering multiple sessions simultaneously

Techila Con was delivering 29 sessions in 2 days, so some sessions’ timings overlapped. Using other video streaming solutions, such as Zoom for example, would not have made it possible to host several sessions at the same time, on the same platform.

The solution

Eventtus Virtual operates with a powerful and reliable video-streaming solution that can host numerous sessions simultaneously while still delivering high-quality service. During Techila Con, each speaker was able to conduct their pre-session preparations (making sure their camera and microphone were well connected) in the Speakers Backstage before going live, and deliver their content to an anticipated audience smoothly and effortlessly.

Engaging the audience

Virtual events are not just a new experience for event planners, but for attendees as well. So how do you engage your event visitors, who are not yet accustomed to the different components of an online event, so as to ensure that everyone comes out of the event with a memorable experience?

The solution

In its beta mode, the virtual experience using Eventtus provides a range of interactive features that engage event visitors with the speakers, the organizer and with each other. At Techila Con, attendees were able to chat together in the event’s feed – sending greetings and introducing themselves. Each session also had its separate feed so that people would interact with the speaker and the content.

In the Q&A tab, session attendees were able to ask the speakers questions that they had about the topic of discussion, with each question being upvoted by other attendees, so that the speaker would get insight on what the attendees were interested in learning about.

virtual event

The results

Techila Con was a big success! 

“Going virtual meant that we were able to expand beyond our usual borders. We had global speakers and global attendees signing up to the event, and this would not have been possible without Eventtus’ virtual platform.” — Nono Ghannam, Co-founder of Techila Con and CEO at Startups Galaxy.

The event achieved 3x the number of attendees initially aimed for, through the platform!

People were signing up to attend from all over the world, from the smallest villages of the Middle East, to communities that are 35 minutes away from Silicon Valley – the home of global technology companies in the United States. All joined at Techila Con, which is based in Egypt.

The process of signing up and getting started only takes a few minutes. This made it quite simple for attendees to register and create their profile instantly; so until the last 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the event, many attendees were still getting their tickets to this remarkable experience.

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