How to host a successful virtual event using Eventtus


Since we have to temporarily bid on-ground events goodbye until the global pandemic ceases, many events that are scheduled for this year are shifting to the virtual experience; but given the novelty of the situation, how can you ensure that your virtual event stands out among the other online content? 

The key is in constructive planning and using a powerful solution.

In this article, we will show you how you can host a successful virtual event that simulates the in-person experience while using Eventtus’ virtual platform.

What is Eventtus Virtual?

The newly launched platform by Eventtus is the product of months of development and studying event planners’ needs. The solution is built to closely resemble the in-person experience of events, by including the core values that you need as an event planner to yield a high ROI all while keeping in mind the best user experience to everyone using the platform.

How do you host a successful virtual event?

One platform for everything you need

Why should you use a mediocre platform where you will have to look for an external ticketing system, integrate a video streaming solution and that does not have all the features that you need as an event planner to run and monitor your event efficiently?

What distinguishes Eventtus Virtual Platform is that it is full-on! You don’t need to use any other solution alongside it, because it is a standalone, that provides all the necessary features and integrations that pave the way for an exceptional event experience.

  • Integrated ticketing and registration

We have brought Eventtus’ seamless ticketing and registration system that in-person events used during the past years, to integrate with the virtual experience. In your event organizers’ dashboard, you can overview attendees as they buy tickets for your event and register their contact details.

The ticketing system offers a wide range of key features, including: different ticket types, promo codes, registration questions, multiple payment methods & currencies.

  • Robust video streaming

Are you tired of video streaming tools that keep crashing and that do not provide a secure connection? We are as well, which is why we ensured that Eventtus’ Virtual Platform has its own built-in video streaming that is stable, reliable and high quality, no matter how many sessions are running parallelly or how many attendees are connected.

  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard


The essence of an event is the data you gather and analyze as an event planner, as it will be the tool to measure your event’s performance and the cornerstone of any future event that you organize. By having an analytics dashboard as a part of your virtual solution, you will be able to make accurate analyses and data-based decisions without having to resort to external analytics tools.

Prepare a rich agenda

  • Create multiple event tracks

If you are hosting a large summit or exhibition that discusses different topics or gathers people from different fields, you can create your event agenda to accommodate content from the multiple tracks (tech – business – art…). That way, everyone can find content that interests them and hype about during your event. The multiple tracks can run simultaneously or separately; your event agenda is yours to customize.

  • Encourage attendees to personalize their agenda
    (A coming soon feature)

In order for each of your attendees to get a unique experience during your event, one of the personalization features of Eventtus Virtual Platform is the customizable agenda. Each attendee can create their own agenda, by adding then viewing the sessions and talks that they want to attend. Once their interests are established, they can receive recommendations about sessions they will also like based on what they have previously added. 

Invite international guests and speakers

How complicated and costly was it to invite speakers from all around the globe before? Going virtual means that it is now possible to invite prominent international speakers, without them having to take a long flight all the way to your event. Wherever you are in the world, you can now gather global subject matter experts in one event, creating a powerful agenda that you can easily promote prior to your event to incentivize attendees to register.


As a matter of fact, this is what happened in Techila Con last June, bringing together 60 speakers from Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Cairo and more, in their first virtual conference.

Read more: How Techila Con used Eventtus to launch a successful virtual event

Onboard your speakers

Give your event speakers the space they need prior to commencing their sessions in order to prepare and test (their microphone and camera) at their leisure. That is why we dedicated The Backstage for speakers to get introduced to each other and mic-up before their live sessions so that everything sails smoothly. In the Backstage view, your speakers get special access and features that help them run their sessions effortlessly: going live, sharing presentations and answering attendees’ questions.

Take some time before your event to acquaint your speakers with the platform using Eventtus’ guidelines, or you can request our customer success team to take you on an introductory tour.

Maximize the networking opportunities


  • Dedicate specific time for networking

Networking is the heart of any event! 76% of people go to events to network and meet new people, so make sure that people get what they came for. Create a dedicated time in your event agenda just so that attendees can network together and meet new, relevant connections that share their professional interests. For example, if your event is an entire day long, this could be 2 one-hour sessions or 4 half-hour sessions.

  • Matchmaking like-minded attendees

It is not important to network as it is to network with the right people. Our matchmaking feature uses smart algorithms to connect together people with shared interests and skills, so that attendees can network with like-minded people.

  • Group networking based on mutual interests

In addition to one-on-one chat, groups of people with shared interests can convene together in Eventtus’ networking lounge to have topic discussions and share their enthusiasm for the subjects that they love. You can create different virtual round tables according to the different fields and tracks of your event (tech, entrepreneurship, content creation, fashion, entertainment, etc).

Prioritize your sponsors & partners

  • Create Virtual Booths that showcase products, services and contact details

Your event sponsors and partners are VIP guests. Eventtus’ platform ensures that they have a dedicated space to display and promote their products and services so that it is visible to all attendees. They can also share their contact details, business documents or gift bags. Guests can view and navigate through all your event partners and sponsors in an allocated tab for them.

  • Increase visibility and exposure of your sponsors

Your event’s virtual platform gives you the opportunity to feature and showcase your sponsors across the platform (in the welcome reception, the event agenda and sessions). That way, specific sponsors can get the maximum exposure during your event.

Keep everyone engaged


Now that everyone has registered and logged in, the mission is now to make sure everyone is interacting and engaging with the different constituents of your event. We have included all the interactive features in our virtual platform that made us deliver high engagement rates to events that used Eventtus’ mobile app over the years.

  • Encourage socialization in the social feed

In your event’s welcome reception, guests will be able to share their status and greet other attendees through the event’s chat and social feed as a part of social networking. Each session also has its own chat room where the audience can comment on the session material and communicate with each other about the topic of discussion.

  • Broadcast announcements

Have got something to say to everyone attending your event? Make general announcements – about noteworthy sessions, session delays, changes in the agenda or simply a greeting.

  • Send interactive opinion polls

Polls are a quick yet entertaining way to get instant feedback from your attendees or to simply engage them with your event. It makes your audience feel that they are connected to your event and a part of your community.

  • Host live Q&A during sessions

Q&A sessions give the mic to your audience, where they can ask subject matter experts about their inquiries or communicate with the session speakers about the topics that interest them. This delivers a high value to your attendees as they get the maximum benefit from the sessions they attend during your event.

Monitor the analytics in real time

The organizer’s dashboard gives you a LIVE and complete overview of the different components of your event: your attendees, the sessions, the speakers, the sponsors and partners. Which sessions are people registering for? Who are people interacting with? How many messages are being sent? What are the peak times for registration? And more and more insights!

Get feedback from everyone

(A coming soon feature)

In addition to the data you already gathered through your analytics dashboard, it is also important to know what your event attendees and guests thought of your event. This provides qualitative feedback about your event, in the form of surveys, polls, or sessions and speakers ratings. That way, you can discover people’s opinions about the sessions they attended and the speakers they heard from, analyzing your audience’s interests and preferences.

Get started

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