Step Conference 2018 cracking new challenges


How Step Conference 2018 Used the event app to connect its new experience?


Branding itself “The most experiential festival in 2018” Step Conference raised the stakes for itself and for all MENA event organizers up high.

We’ve been partnering up with Step, by providing them with the event app for the past 3 years now and we knew that this year it was going to be special. How did we empower Step Conference 2018 to achieve its vision? Here we’re going to break it down for you.

Step Conference started out as a series of workshops and small gatherings and over 5 years, has grown to become one of the largest tech festivals in the Middle East. This year coming with 4 conferences, more than 250 startups showcasing, and 6000+ attendees over two days.


Building a community and taking it to the next level.


“We’re building a community” that was the response of Step Conference Cofounder, Nizar Fakih, when we asked about Step’s purpose.

Year after year Step Conference has been building a community of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, artists, and mentors, who are all eager to make the entrepreneurship scene in Dubai and the MENA region a global destination and hub. We’re very proud to be part of that community and part of shaping it.

This year Step wanted to step up their game, going big with the content, speakers and the venue.

For the first time Step Conference launches 4 conferences:
Step Start, Step Digital, Step Money, and Step X,  in one of Dubai’s biggest venues, Dubai Internet City.

Why did they choose this setup, to have such a big venue with the 4 conferences located in different parts? We asked the organizers and they responded.

“We wanted to make those who are interested in one topic to sit together longer we wanted to offer them a chance to talk more and to focus more on the specialized content and on what matters, building relationships that benefits not only the parties involved but the whole ecosystem as well.”

One digital platform connecting the dots.

With a new venue, new setup, and a lot of new challenges. Eventtus needed to create an app experience for Step Conference that enables the organizers to connect everyone in the event and also keep them engaged with the content and each other. How did we make that happen?

We had the right mix in mind for Step Conference app 2018.

Here is what the ecosystem leaders thought of it 😉

Live Agenda & Announcements

Everyone needed to keep track of what is happening at this big venue all the time so as not to miss out on anything big going on, and there was a lot big things happening!

That’s why we advised that having lively updated agenda and push notification announcements is a must. Step sent announcements of the special events, partners activations, and interesting sessions throughout the 2 days conference.

The Agenda was the most used feature with 3,885 views, and 40 announcements were made that got 1,442 views.

3D Venue Map

When you have 4 conferences placed across a massive venue like Dubai Internet City, then navigation becomes top of the mind issue for the attendees. That’s why Eventtus recommended having a 3D map for the venue with all the exhibitors and point of interest marked on the map.

230 points of interest were on the 3D map for Step Conference to be exact.

Speakers and attendees profiles

From last year’s analysis of Step Conference data, we found out that a lot of people goes to Step for networking. But the question is, in such big event like Step, how to find the right people to connect to?

We suggested having the attendees and speakers profiles on the app so that attendees will be able to search and filter for the people and speakers of their interest. This was aligned with Step vision of building the community and providing the platform for everyone to be connected.

Speakers profiles got 4,063 views and 1,354 conversations started on the app.

Those speakers got the most attention during Step this year.


Step 2018 top speakers

Remember Hussein Dajani? We interviewed him earlier.

With all the right pieces in place, the rest was up for the attendees and speakers to make.

Here is more about Step Conference attendees interactions with the stage content and each other. Coming straight from the app data analysis.


Attendees were curious the most about the future

Step 2018 top bookmarked sessions


However during the day what got the most attention was the mentorship and the lessons learned from the gurus on stage.

Step 2018 top viewed sessions


These keywords were on the top of the people minds during the event.


Search keywords step conference 2018

We can’t be more proud of what we and Step Conference achieved this year. Looking forward to more ambitious endeavors by the visionary guys at Step =)

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