How Startup Grind achieved 97% engagement rate using Eventtus


Startup Grind partnered with Eventtus to create an event app experience that saw record-high adoption and engagement rates from attendees. Learn how they used our Eventtus engagement event app to ensure a memorable attendee experience.

About the event

Startup Grind Global Conference is an international assembly of the largest independent community of startups, partners, investors, thought leaders, and worldwide directors who come together for 2-days of invaluable education, connection, and inspiration. Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs build their businesses, connect with strategic partners, and secure funding.

Quick facts about the conference

  • Startup Grind is a community that supports 2 million entrepreneurs, in 500 cities, at over 125 countries
  • Held at Silicon Valley on Feb 12,13 2019
  • 3,000+ attendees from all over the world
  • 180 speakers
  • 50+ sessions
  • Ongoing event since 2012
  • Startup Grind has chapters in 125 countries that carry their own local events under Startup Grind brand.

The challenges

Dealing with the last-minute change dynamics of events: As the conference grew every year, using a static, printed conference booklet that didn’t allow for changes, last minute speakers, or cancellations became a major issue for the event organizers

A need for a solution that allows paperless easy exchange of contacts and information between the attendees

Startup Grind Global conference is getting bigger than ever: As the conference gets bigger every year, it gets harder to ensure all attendees, whether or not they had attended past events, got maximum value from it. And it is very important for the organizers to make sure everyone had a memorable experience and enjoyed relevant learning resources and networking. By ensuring a positive experience this should help to encourage loyalty and repeat attendance in future years.

Efficient networking and engagement: Startup Grind is a community, and the conference is all about networking  and connecting the members of this global community (employing tech to make networking efficient and fun)

Personalizing the experience: With more than 180 speakers and 50+ sessions over 2 days, a lot of stuff is happening simultaneously, so empowering the attendees to personalize their experience, be able to create their own agendas, engage with the speakers and the exhibitors and save time.

A seamless user experience: Startup grind attendees are very tech-savvy, and providing them with a tech solution must be in the highest standard.  A tool that ‘flow” with attendees throughout the conference, in a non-intrusive way in order to make it easy, seamless and enjoyable for attendees to navigate.

Demonstrating tangible ROI: The process of gathering data on behalf of sponsors, to demonstrate tangible ROI and prove value in collaborating with the conference as a sponsor or an attendee was one of the major challenges that an event that big needed to face.

The solution: Eventtus engagement app

As the leaders of a global tech entrepreneurship community, Startup Grind organizers knew that a personalized, well-built engagement event app is what they need to address the challenges of their conference organization in a continuously evolving digital era.

So they set out to find a solution that can connect attendees, encourage efficient networking and help attendees build relationships with startups, partners, investors, thought leaders, and everyone attending the conference.

They were looking for an event technology solution that could deliver an experience-first app with the right set of features that would ensure attendees get a memorable experience and enjoy relevant learning resources and networking. It needed to be administratively easy to use, with a seamless flow, and most importantly, they wanted to work with a company that understands events and cares about delivering the best possible experience to the attendees, and the solution was: Eventtus engagement event app!

We teamed up with Startup Grind to create their first ever event app for their Startup Grind Global Conference 2018, to deliver an event app that is tailored to their needs.

The results: 97% engagement rate!

On their first year using eventtus engagement event app, Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 scored a record-high engagement rate of 97%!

Having more than 3000+ downloads for the app, and users loving the seamless experience and time-saving features; The attendees used the app in all possible ways making more than 60,000 interactions, with their favorite action: creating their own agendas and bookmarking their favorite sessions more than 40,000 times!

The incredible results were the start of an on-going relationship, and we went on to deliver Startup Grind app for their Global conference 2019, Startup Grind Europe Conference 2018, and 2019.

Continuous improve year over year

On 2019 Global Conference, the results were better than ever:

Total App Users: 4,300 (1.5X)

Engagement rate: 97% (Kept the incredible engagement rate)

Session favorites: 61,000 (1.5X)

Social Posts and photos: 1300 (10X)

And for Startup Grind Global 2019, we introduced the Lead Retrieval app to empower Startup Grind exhibitors to collect and qualify leads and deliver tangible ROI, which enabled their exhibitors to collect over 2000+ leads with over 160 users seamlessly improving their exhibitors’ booth experience and saving a lot of time by simply scanning the attendees QR codes on their name-tags, qualifying the leads and adding notes were they can later on easily integrate with the CRM of their choice to follow up post-event.

“It was the first time we used an event app in our conference and it has made a really big difference! Being able to see the connections being made and the interactions between them, to direct the people with the push notification alerts. It was a truly great experience.”

Guillaume De Smedt, VP Global Community @ Start Grind

Startup Grind is an exceptional example of what it means to use event technology in all the right ways. We’re happy to have played a part in their global and Europe successful conferences and looking forward to being part of it again this year!

Join Startup Grind and many others who trust Eventtus!

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