How to sell your tickets online through Eventtus


In a fast-paced ecosystem where data is readily available but not easily managed, preparing for your event can be hectic. That is why Eventtus helps event organizers promote their event, sell your tickets online and register attendees on-site, through a simple, quick and smart solution – Eventtus Ticketing.

In less than two years, we’ve managed to sell over 35,000 tickets for more than 250 events like RiseUp, Engineerex and 500 Startups, who rely on Eventtus to sell tickets online and register their attendees. The solution integrates easily with our event engagement app or with the lead retrieval app to achieve an unparalleled event experience.

In 7 simple steps, we’ll take you on a complete guide to how you can sell your tickets online using Eventtus. Get set.

1- Create the event

On the ticketing landing page, sign up and choose to create a new event. This will take you to a sleek form where you can add all the necessary information regarding your event – its location, date and a brief description – so that your audience could get a full picture. Make sure you’re concise, yet clear with everything that you want the attendees to know.

Pro tip: The description of your event could include recommendations to your audience, like your event’s dress code or comments on the location, for example. This will save you additional effort in a later stage.

2- Add multiple ticket types

Once your event is created, you will be able to add different types of tickets when you go to the “ticket” tab on the left corner of the page. Each ticket has its own start and end date, with the specific price you assign to it. If you want to go for a more complex option, the number of ticket types you can add is unlimited.

Pro tip: you can segment your tickets by the time of purchase (early bird, regular, late owl), number of people included in one ticket (regular attendee, startup ticket – 4 attendees, enterprise ticket – 10 attendees), or a mix of segmentations that best suits your event’s nature.

3- Add promo or access codes

When it comes to your event partners or sponsors that you’d like to provide with a special ticket, you can add promo codes or access codes that they can use for their tickets. Promo codes are codes for discounts to the ticket price; while access codes are special codes to tickets that are not available to the general public.

4- Add registration questions

On the same “tickets” tab, you will find the opportunity to add registration questions to the already essential ones. These questions will help you get more information and insight on the attendees that register, which will help you make better decisions when targeting and segmenting your audience later on.

Pro tip: Add registration questions like the attendees’ job title, the company they work at or how they heard about the event, to help you understand who your audience is.

5- Go live! and track your sales in real-time

It’s time to go live and publish your event on Eventtus! This will make your event discoverable online and can be shared on different social media platforms. Your exclusive page has displays all your event details that would allow the audience to make a ticket purchase.

Once your event is live, people would be able to buy tickets immediately. Through your dashboard on Eventtus, you will get a complete overview of the number of purchases made over the days, so that you could monitor your sales’ performance in real-time. You can view a list of the registered attendees, with all the information they entered while ticketing.

Pro tip: Incorporate the event on your website, you can use the widget code that directs the audience back to the beautifully designed page Eventtus created for your event.

6- Check-in on-site

On the event day, you can check-in your attendees on-site to secure a seamless process without undergoing the long boring queue to get into the venue..simply, with a quick QR code scan. This will save you the hassle of having a discouraged crowd waiting to get in.

Pro tip: Allow on-door ticket sales; paid events get 20% of their sales through on-door or last minute tickets.

7- Get the analytics

One of the most crucial yet undermined steps is the post-event analysis of sales and performance. Eventtus ticketing solution presents you with comprehensive insight and data on your sales, attendees and registration data…all on your dashboard. Utilize these valuable analytics to optimize your strategies, and upgrade your event the following year.

Pro tip: Export the entire (or segmented) list of attendees with their information so that you can optimize your database.

Happy ticketing!

Create your event today and sell tickets online

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