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Breaking the 95% Engagement Rate record with RiseUp Summit 2017


How did RiseUp Summit 2017 reach a 95% engagement rate on their event app, powered by Eventtus?

*If you haven’t been under a rock for the past 4 years you can skip this part!*
So what’s RiseUp Summit? It’s one of the MENA’s leading annual entrepreneurship marathons that includes talks, sessions, workshops, pitch competitions, and events, bringing diverse attendees (investors, entrepreneurs, VC’s, incubators, accelerators) from all around the world in Downtown Cairo.

This year has been one of their greatest years ever with more than 5000 attendees! 251 startups from all around the world and 256 prestigious speakers all are experts in their field.

The 3-day event was packed with networking, great content and BIG announcements. We were lucky to be at the heart of this all with the RiseUp Summit 2017 app powered by Eventtus.

The RiseUp Summit app reached an outstanding 95% engagement rate. We can say this with an ease that this was one of the best turnouts for our app in 2017.

How did this happen?

1st: Have a great app!

This was the 5th time we partner up with RiseUp on their app. This year we wanted to spice things up and make it a bit more special, that’s why we introduced two new features for the first time in the Egyptian events market.

1- Q&A

Because raising your hands doesn’t tell how good your question really is, we’ve created a new way attendees can ask questions to the stage.
The magic happens on the app and on a big screen next to the stage, attendees can ask the questions they want to the stage and also see other people’s questions and vote up the ones they’re most curious to know answers for!

2- Paperless Networking: QR Scans

Because business cards are so last year, we’re introducing QR code scans. Instead of exchanging business cards now attendees can scan each other’s QR code on their name-tag badge to get their contacts seamlessly on their phone.

We’ve placed the user at the center of designing these features that’s why the result was not only a user-friendly experience but a truly engaging one. Here is what the people thought of the app this year.

And online.

2nd: Get the people to download the app. Good planning beats good luck!

We’ve reached more than 65% adoption rate, which is the percent of the attendees downloaded the app. This because the RiseUp Summit team did a very good job in promoting the app even before the event. Using their social media channels and also sending a newsletter to all attendees, startups, and partners prompting them to download the app and explaining how they could benefit from it to enhance their experience.

On the ground, we’ve partnered up with RiseUp Summit to create contextual banners that use its context to show the value of some of the app’s features. For example, in the networking area where people are expected to chat and develop their networking, we showed them that there is a much easier way of exchanging contacts better than business cards.

RiseUp Summit 2017 contextual banners

There are a lot of more ways to prompt people to download the event app, here are some more hacks.

And only when you have the right mix you get staggering results like these!

 RiseUp Summit 2017 infograph

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