New Eventtus Features: New Experiences for Your Virtual Event


Being a software as a service (SaaS) product means we are constantly working on creating better features, benefits, and more importantly better experiences for our customers and their customers.

As a virtual event platform, everything for us relies on experience. And this is what digital transformation is all about, isn’t it?

That’s why for our newest sprint, we focused on three important aspects:

  • Networking
  • Exhibitors (two updates)
  • Tracks and Filtering

Let’s start with that which worries, confuses, and scares event organizers.

Yes, we’re talking about networking!

The New Networking Experience with Eventtus

Networking is an essential part of any event. But when going virtual, businesses don’t know how to manage the networking process.

That’s why Eventtus has created and enhanced its Circles feature.

When you meet up with two or three people at a physical event, you unconsciously form a circle. Hence, our networking area is called “Circles.”

There are two types of Circles in Eventtus:

–          Booth Circles

–          Event Circles

First: Booth Circles


Let’s start with the Booth Circles, also known as the Exhibitors’ Circles.

These circles are created by exhibitors who have booths in a virtual event.

The Booth Circles are designed to help exhibitors engage, interact, and connect with attendees and potential customers.

Let’s take a virtual employment fair as an example. Imagine an exhibitor who is a digital marketing agency. They can have circles for people who are looking for internships, full-time jobs, and those who are looking for actual services for their business.

Their circles could be: Jobs in Digital, Internship Talks, and Discover our services.

The attendees will know what they are looking for and can join the circle of their choice.

Exhibitors can name their circles, add a banner, and a short description to attract attendees and other businesses who might be interested in what they have to offer.

Here’s what Exhibitors will fill out when creating a booth circle.

The Booth Circles help Exhibitors connect and chat directly with customers and job seekers.

As an event organizer, you get to decide on the number of booth circles an exhibitor can have.

Second: Event Circles

While this is not a new feature, we are adding it here to remind organizers of the differences between the two types of circles available on the Eventtus platform.

Event Circles are those created by the Event organizers, usually the circles cover the main tracks or topics in the event.

Let’s continue with the virtual employment fair example but this time for the event organizer. Event Circles may include Fresh Grad Circle, Junior Circle, Developers’ Circle, Business Developers Circle…etc.

In Event Circles, attendees will be able to connect and network with event organizers and other attendees in those circles.

Here’s another example. Let’s say your event has three tracks: Technology, Creativity, and Business. You can create circles based on these topics and attendees can join the circles featuring the topics they like talking about.

Once they join, attendees’ cameras will automatically open and they will be able to see other attendees in the circle.


My Meetings

Another networking option via the Eventtus Virtual Platform is for attendees to create their own circles and network on their own.

In the top right, they will find a tab called “My Meeting,” where they can create their own circles and invite up to 5 people.


Make Your Exhibitors Shine with Eventtus

One of the top things businesses hosting virtual events ask about is exhibitors. And it’s a rightful question. Exhibitors pay money to participate in an event.

So you need to convince them. Here’s what the Eventtus team has been working on, which will help you get those exhibitors to say yes!

The Booths section of your Eventtus dashboard is where your exhibitors will be. You can have any number of exhibitors. Each exhibitor gets a user-friendly booth to showcase their products and services and chat with attendees and potential customers.

At the same time, customers can virtually visit these booths and request to chat with exhibitors to learn more about their products and services.

Basically, the Exhibitor experience is more organized and easier to use and offers a wider range for interaction for both your customers and your exhibitors.

Bigger Booths for Exhibitors

A new feature for this sprint is giving exhibitors more space to showcase their products and services.

As a virtual event host, you can offer exhibitors multiple options when collaborating with you.

In physical events, exhibitors used to have small and large booths. We’re replicating the experience in a virtual setting.

Now, Eventtus has two sizes for virtual exhibitor booths. Each size offers a number of booth circles and space, determined by the event host. 

The large exhibitor booth, known as the Featured Exhibitor Booth, is a great way for exhibitors to attract more visitors. This also applies to Sponsor Booths.

Agenda Filtering and Tracks

Our newest update involves the virtual event or virtual conference agenda.

Now customers can filter event topics by theme or track. Remember the three tracks, Technology, Creativity, and Business.

When it comes to the agenda, attendees can select the sessions they want to attend based on the topic they are interested in.

They can easily go through each track or click on a track name from the top left corner to see what this track has to offer.

They can also filter these topics by type the topic of their choice in the search box above the track names.


Have you tried the Eventtus Virtual Platform yet? Book a Demo today with Eventtus and discover exciting options for your virtual event.

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