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How to make the most out of RiseUp Summit’17


RiseUp Summit 2017 is just around the corner, and the app is live!

riseup summit app 2017

We’re proudly doing the app for RiseUp again this year and we’re super excited to roll out new features for the first time in Egyptian market of events. Here we’re spelling the beans and telling you how to make the most of RiseUp Summit’17 with the new features to make sure the event is a time well spent.

How to hack your way through RiseUp Summit’17

1- Pin down your goals

Why did you decide to take up your time to attend?

You must set a list of goals before coming to the event: It could be extending your professional network, keeping up on business updates through the stage content, connecting with the best entrepreneurs or exploring and expanding. All fair and square as long as you make certain this experience goes on a goal-directed track. regardless of your goal, having the app is an essential element of planning your day at RiseUp Summit. 

2- Go alone, go bond

It’s always fun to hang around with your friends, but remember you chose to attend in order to expand your network and develop your skills. Going alone can give you more space to acquire a new & strong professional network to advance your career.  A friend only or a colleague can accompany you to ease the anxiety and the apprehensiveness in place.

Scout out the other fellows that decided to attend the summit alone and then introduce yourself. Or try your luck by browsing the attendee list and finding those who are interesting to you and message them! No guts, no glory.  

3- Stay organized

Three days in a row, with a lot of talks and workshops with many speakers covering different topics, can be a bit overwhelming when you’re not organized enough and not familiar with the schedule.

Through RiseUp Summit app, you’ll be able to access the event’s agenda, view schedule, explore sessions and plan your day upfront. Don’t feel like you need to cram in every workshop in the event because you’ll just wear yourself out.  All you have to do is to take a look at the agenda, create your own personalized schedule by circling the sessions you want to attend and you will get notified before the session starts.


4- Do your homework when it comes to speakers

Before you get to the event, make sure to do some research on at least some of the speakers. Since you are going to meet the world’s top speakers in entrepreneurship field, you can find all the speakers on the app as well, with their bios, backgrounds, and talks as well.


5- Walk the floor

There’s a lot going on in the event. If you don’t want to miss any action, strolling the place would be a good idea. For example; this year, 150 startups will exhibit at RiseUp Summit’17. You will get a lot of exhibitors. So while you are there, why not take a moment to walk through “MENA Exhibition” or any other available gallery and see if there are any companies you’re interested in. We made it extremely easy to find exhibitors and navigate through the two venues … check out the 3D Maps feature on the app.


6- Dress to impress

You can’t dress to impress unless you were comfortable in your own skin first. Put on whatever makes you feel confident enough to strike conversations around and assimilate yourself easily into the crowd. Some may feel more confident in casual clothes; others may choose to wear a blazer or a full suit.


7- Network and strike conversations

Networking is the core of any event. It’s also important for you to be able to easily find the contact information when you go to follow up with the person you met at the event. This should be very easy when you go to RiseUp Summit app to see all the attendees with their profiles, connect with them on the app, network with interesting people and privately message attendees. You can use QR scans too, where you can scan the QR code of another attendee to get their contacts instantly.


When trying to start a conversation with another attendee, avoid the yes/no questions, because the answers to these questions can stop a conversation in an awkward way. That’s why open-ended questions would be very helpful to get you on the right track. Always use the answers for common event-going concerns in starting a discussion, like “Where’s the food trucks?”  “What’s the WiFi password?” or giving directions.


8- Keep your laptop close, and your mobile closer

Keep your mobile and laptop fully charged and ready all the time in case you wanted to take a note or Google any piece of information or snap that perfect picture for Instagram. You will also need your mobile the whole event time to stay on top of things through the app.


9- Concentrate on the content

Attending a fun-learning event gives the perfect chance to absorb everything around you. Bring a notebook and take down all your observations and try to link between your business and what you receive during the talks, panels, and workshops. Then go back to your team with actionable insights based on it all.

10- Introduce yourself to speakers

If you’re seeking out connections, then there is no one better than an outstanding speaker to introduce yourself properly to. Try to pick the right time to do so after their sessions and be sure to ask them thoughtful questions. Make sure you take advantage of workshops’ time when it’s easier to communicate with them. Bear in mind that you won’t have much time chatting with them because they are getting hounded by hundreds.


11- Speak your mind and ask questions

This time gives you the chance to engage with the speaker through all the notes you wrote down. And raising your hands doesn’t tell how good is your questions so it will be more effective for you to ask your questions through the RiseUp Summit app that automates the Q&A sessions. Where attendees get to ask their questions through the app and the moderator sees them. Also, you can vote up or down the questions, you’re curious about. Having the crowd raise their hands is an old form of interaction now.  


Install the RiseUp Summit App and enjoy a smarter, easier and more efficient experience.

We will be there at the HiPo booths area.

Come to our booth for very exciting activations on the event day 😉

See you there!

Copywriter: Merna Akmal.


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