Kill business cards, let’s do a Handshake


Eventtus is trying to connect you always to your passion. we all attend events as we believe that what will happen there would be interesting and we gonna enjoy it.

Eventtus’ mission doesn’t end at making sure that you will attend events you gonna enjoy the most. Eventtus want to help you enjoy every little bit of the events you attend from start to end.

Be part of the magic

Whatever is that interesting event you decided to attend, you won’t be there alone. you will be surrounded by a lot of other interesting people who decided to attend that event as they have the same passion you have. at Eventtus we believe that when people come together, magic happens; and we want to make sure that you gonna never miss the chance of being part of that magic.


During events you meet a lot of interesting people, and you may exchange business cards with them, but you will end later with a pile of those business cards with names of people you won’t be able to remember later.

Didn’t something similar to the following story happen to you before?

You wanted to remember the name of that talented Art student you met at the last event organized by the Museum of Modern Arts. you want to contact him to talk about an interesting project you would work on together, but looks like you can’t find the business card he handed to you. yeah, you have tons of those cards already.

Let’s do a Handshake

Eventtus comes with a perfect solutions for this problem. we call it the Handshake.

So, How it works? and how you gonna benefit from using it? just follow these steps the next time you meet someone at an event

  1. Open that event on Eventtus and find the other person on the Guests list.
  2. Press his name so you can open his Event card.
  3. Press the Handshake button.

After following these simple steps, a Handshake request will get sent to the other person so he can confirm that you met each other at that event.

By the end of the event, you would be able to open your profile and from there open the Handshakes screen to see a list of all the attendees you did a Handshake with at that event, and at any other past events too.


This is how you gonna keep a well organized list of those you met at different events and you will never miss the chance of being part of the magic again.

So next time you meet someone at an event and he/she hand you a business card, just say let’s do a Handshake instead.

Download the app for iPhone and Android and enjoy meeting people. 

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