Introducing Organization Management and Permissions on Eventtus


Today, we are very excited to release a new way to manage events under the same Eventtus account.

We’ve been listening to our your feedback and noticed that many of our customers work, volunteer, or manage different events for different entities. 

To keep this clear and easy to manage, we built Organizations where you, as an event organizer, can create multiple organizations, have separate billing and credits in each organization, and a dedicated team with different roles for each organization.

For agencies and freelance event organizers, this is will help you create different organizations for each client and manage their events seamlessly without any conflict with your other clients’ events.

You’ll have separate billing details, separate invoices, and separate credit to manage for each organization.

Once you login into your Eventtus account, you’ll be asked to create an organization, add your company details, billing information, and invite your team members.

You can also allow team members to control and access the organization and events through Roles and Permissions.

Team Roles

Over the coming few weeks, we’ll be rolling out different features offering more flexibility and control over your organization account.

In organization account, you can keep track of your attendee credit, buy more credit, and among other options.

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