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How to increase your event ticket sales?


How to sell more tickets? That’s the question that keeps all event organizers awake at night!
Because no ticket sales mean no return, means no second edition of the event and in some cases means that the organizer will be soon on a job hunt!

Here we’re giving you 10 tactics that we know it works every time, try it out and let us know how did it work out for you.

1- Make it easier to buy tickets.

It’s essential when you pick a ticketing provider to make sure that their payment gateway is safe and stable, no one likes it when the credit card screen gives you an error while payment.
Also, make sure people can buy tickets straight away from your landing page.

Ask your ticketing platform whether they have a landing page widget for selling tickets or not.

2- Make a video.

One-third of online activity is spent watching videos. And it’s growing every day. It only makes sense to communicate your event experience through an engaging video like what Web Summit 2018 did.

Or what South by Southwest

or Rise 2018 trailer.

With video, attendees will get a better look at your event experience and you’ll be able to deliver a better message to them.

3- Segment your tickets.

Your audience is of different backgrounds and interests that’s why segmenting your tickets according to their needs gets you the most ticket sales.

You can segment your tickets according to the time of purchase by doing
1- Early Bird tickets
2- Regular tickets
3- On the door tickets

Or by the number of people included in each ticket like
1- Regular one attendee
2- Startup ticket 4 attendees
3- Enterprise ticket 10 attendees

Some organizers would segment it according to the content that each ticket would get. Say it’s a multi-day event, certain tickets would get you access to all days other tickets would work for 1 or 2 days only.

Or you can segment it by tracks if your event has tracks.

But the best practice would be to mix and match between all the segmentation options to allow flexibility to your attendees.

Ask one of our Eventtus experts on how to best segment your tickets for free, here.

4- On ground posters works.

We’re in the digital age, yes! But you’d be surprised how much on-ground posters can push the awareness of your event and subsequently sales. Many big events now like to hijack the city that the event is held at. Step Conference 2018 took over internet city in Dubai this year.

5- Double down on your most successful channel.

The list of touchpoints and channels to reach your target attendee is ever expanding, and you should utilize all of it. However, the key to big returns is doubling down the spending on just the top 2 channels to drive the most sales.

You can use UTM trackers for each channel to make sure you know where is that sale came from using Google Analytics.

Many event organizers only focus on social media targeted ads, however, there are a lot of other channels that organizers forget to use, like:

A) Event discovery platforms, like Eventtus.
B) SEO and SEM
C) Email

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6- Do activations / Competitions.

Relevancy is key here, you don’t want to come across as spammy. You should think of an activation of a competition that is relevant to your content and brand, also the reward should be in line with what you’re offering. For example, if you’re a startup conference you can make a pitching competition and the winner would get a 1-hour meeting with the top investor you can find. Bear in mind that this will work only if you have a fanbase of engaged attendees.

7- Use influencers to increase event ticket sales.

Why everyone is using influencers now to push for their products? Because it actually works. People like recommendations from people they know and trust. You can turn your most loyal attendees into event ambassadors or you can even recruit the top influencers in your event attendee community to promote your event.

As an incentive, you can give these people special promo codes made with their names, this way they’d be more incentivized to share that promo code with their network and you would get better exposure and better sales.

8- Leverage your sponsors and speakers.

Do you want a sponsor who would just give you money or in-kind services? Or would you like a partner? Someone who would get your back, and have skin in your event, really caring about the success of your event.

So choose your sponsors “partners” very well. Because when you do, you can tap into their network. They can help you reach their network through social media, email, landing page, PR or platforms to reach their network.

9- On the door sales will surprise you.

On average, paid events gets 20% of their sales as last minute or on the door sales. If you’ve done you’re marketing right, and created the right hype around your event you can expect more!

So if you didn’t hit your targets right before the event, don’t panic. Be ready for on the door sales and it may surprise you.

10- Build on the excitement of this year for the next.

When your event is successful, the most emotional part for your attendees would be the ending of the event. Use that excitement and satisfaction to sell the tickets for the next year, a cherry on top is that if you will sell it at a discounted price.

Let us know which of these worked out the best for you? And we’d be happy if you can share with us your tips to increase sales in the comments section below.

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increase your event ticket sales

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