Eventtus Virtual Platform is LIVE! Create your event today!


The wait is over!

We’re excited to announce that Eventtus virtual platform  is now officially LIVE, and ready for you to create your own virtual event that amazes everyone with a few simple steps.

For months, our team had been studying the market and simultaneously working on a solution that awe-inspires everyone that tries it. The platform is built to meet the needs of event planners, attendees, professionals and anyone that loves events as much as we do. While many tools out there are temporary and are not built specifically for a full-on virtual event experience, Eventtus Virtual experience is developed for the long run. In the upcoming years, many events will commit to virtual presence only, while other events will integrate both the in-person and virtual experiences together. And we are here for both. 

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Whether you’re planning a series of webinars, summits and virtual conferences, exhibitions, hackathons, corporate events, workshops or any type of event, Eventtus virtual solution is for you.

Create your virtual event for free!

As a part of our social responsibility during the uncertain times of COVID-19 around the world, and in support of event planners that have quickly adapted and started organizing online events instead of in-person ones, we decided to open up our platform for free for a limited time!

If your event will take place before July 15th and is expected to have 200 attendees or less, then this is an amazing opportunity for you to try one of the most powerful solutions out there.

Eventtus virtual platform’s features & roadmap

Our platform is built to closely resemble the experience of an in-person event, with an inclusive set of features that is built especially for event professionals by event professionals. These features include but are not limited to:

  • In-house reliable video streaming
  • Robust content management
  • High interactivity and engagement
  • Effective networking features
  • High exposure and visibility for sponsors and partners
  • Integration with ticketing and mobile app

And the list goes on!

For now, we are still operating in beta mode, with more and more features being released as our team brings them to perfection. The more you as event planners use the platform and gives us feedback, the better the experience will get.

Go virtual today!

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