Go virtual! Eventtus partners with Sawarly so you don’t cancel your event amid COVID-19 outbreak


As most of the world is going under a Coronavirus quarantine, many event organizers are opting to cancel their events, as a preventative measure, given the high chance of virus infection during large people gatherings. According to Predict HQ, the losses due to events cancellation have surpassed $1.1 billion dollars!

But YOU don’t have to cancel your next event.

Instead of bringing attendees to your event, bring your event to every one of your attendees right where they are! Eventtus just partnered with the media production house, Sawarly, to transform the on-ground event experience into a digitized experience. This way, attendees can be anywhere around the globe and still check into your event, attend sessions, network together and more all with a simple click on Eventtus’ event apps.

Sawarly is the first specialized webcast provider in MENA with 10 years of experience in TV broadcasting and digital media marketing. They have a specialized team fully equipped with the latest technology to live stream up to 4k, making them dominate the industry.

As an event organizer, you will be able to use Eventtus’ mobile event apps to create:

1. A safe, virtual event experience

Cancelling your event will be very costly while hosting it on-ground amid the current global situation can be very risky. By going virtual, you will create a safe environment for all your visitors to still experience your event while being in their comfortable spot. You will be able to create live streams and pre-recorded videos. This approach has already been adopted by large corporations such as Google, Microsoft and IBM who turned to virtual events as an alternative to cancellation.

2. Interactive content, sessions and talks

People will still be able to register and attend your event’s talks and sessions online. All the talks and sessions will be hosted by the speakers and streamed online for attendees to join, watch and ask questions, just as before.

3. A networking platform

Everyone can still communicate, share opinions and send updates through the networking features provided in Eventtus’ event apps: such as one-on-one messaging, social feed and smart matchmaking.

4. Sponsorship deals

Your sponsors and partners can get exclusive visibility and wide reach on your event app, through splash screens on the home-screen, main menu and event agenda; or by empowering them to send targeted in-app notifications to their target audience. Your sponsors’ logos can also be visible throughout the live streaming videos to all the audience.

We understand how difficult this period is; nevertheless, we support you through it. The events industry strives still, and with the technological advancements of today, will continue despite virus outbreaks. We offer you to go virtual and lead the market with a new concept to your events until the situation has settled.

Interesting, right? Request a demo today so that you could learn more how you can transform your event into a virtual one with Eventtus. We’ll guide you through everything!

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