Introducing: Event On-site Registration


Nobody wants to stand in long registration queues, waiting to get into an event’s venue! It can disengage your attendees from the event, even before they start their experience.

So how can you make sure that the process of registering and getting into the venue takes minimal time and effort?

On-site registration experience

Eventtus introduces the On-site Registration Solution, that integrates with the online ticketing and registration, to accelerate the check-in process and make the experience for your attendees quick and seamless.

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Provide the attendees with different options to complete their onsite registration: either with the help of fully equipped ushers, or through self-registration stations where the attendees can print their own badges in exactly 1.5 seconds, for a faster check-in! 

Self check-in:

Instant badge printing and branded self-registration stations

  • Pre-registered attendees

If your event attendees already registered online, then all it takes for them to get into the venue and begin their event experience is to print their name badges at the self-registration stations using the QR code they received in the email. The whole process is accelerated to only 30 seconds!

  • Walk-in attendees

If the visitors bought tickets on-door, then they can use the self-help stations to answer the pre-set registration questions and print their name badges instantly. The process is through within 90 seconds.

Assisted check-in:

Instant badge printing and usher team

  • Pre-registered attendees

On-site ushers will be equipped with the necessary devices to assist previously registered attendees with their unique name tags, using the instant printers that reduce the printing time to 1.5 seconds per tag.

  • Walk-in attendees

When walk-in attendees need assistance to check-in after buying their ticket on-door, the on-site ushers will take them through the process of answering the required registration questions and printing their name badges. The entire task takes 60 seconds only!

Session/workshop registration

Not only registration to attend the event, but people can also register to attend sessions and workshops, either online or on-site. At the session location, they can register by scanning their QR code in the check-in app.


The analytics dashboard dedicated to registration displays insightful data, statistics and charts about the following information:

  • Check-in per hour and per day
  • Peak hours and days
  • Workshop attendance analytics

Get the event on-site registration experience by Eventtus!

Contact us and we will supply you with all the hardware and manpower that you need to make the entire process quick and effortless, to both (or either) online ticketing and on-site registration.

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