Eventtus’ CEO statement on Coronavirus and events


$1 billion dollars lost due to events being cancelled all around the world because of the Coronavirus outbreak, according to numbers gathered by PredictHQ for Recode.

Since the global issue started a couple of months ago, many events we foster were deeply impacted. This moves me personally, being an active events attendee and running an event tech company, and everyone inspired and empowered by the industry.

The past few weeks have been tough, with most events being cancelled or postponed. There’s big uncertainty about the future and whether the situation is moving forward. However, this is merely a bump in the road; there will have to be some adjustments to accommodate the temporary situation, but events will go on. The events industry (like many other industries) gets affected by politics, economics or even a virus. But people will not stop meeting, events will keep happening; maybe not in the next two months but the second half of the year will be much stronger (considering the safety measures taken by health authorities and governments will help in containing the virus).

I urge everyone to take strong initiatives to facilitate operations for event planners and organizers. At Eventtus, we have taken some actions to support our customers and overcome the situation, including:

  • Extending our clients’ contracts so that they can postpone their events to a later time in the year without worrying about the availability of our technology solution;
  • Offering our customers alternative solutions to effectively host their events using technology, at no additional cost;
  • Seeking to assist event organizers with any custom request they may need.

This is what we stand for and this is what we urge everyone to do these days: to stand together as one unit and join forces so that we could traverse the setback we’re all facing without major losses.

To event planners,

As much as it pains me to see events being postponed due to Coronavirus, we understand it was the right decision and we support you. It’s important to keep the health and safety of the delegates in mind as a first priority.

Undoubtedly this is a difficult time for everyone, but like any other challenge, it shall pass soon. So let’s try to thrive nevertheless, and use innovative methods to continue our work. The technological advancements have made it easier to manage crises, and adjust our operations to adapt to the current conditions.

In the meantime, you can read this insightful article by Eventtus’ COO, Mina Shawky, where he gives some operational tips that event organizers can apply in their events during this period.

Stay safe everyone. Wishing everyone to be well and healthy.

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