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Introducing: Eventtus Matchmaking!


People love networking! 76% of people attend events mainly to network and meet new and relevant connections. So as an organizer, one of your goals is to connect attendees together and facilitate their efficient networking during your event.

Eventtus got you covered!

We’ve recently introduced the long-awaited matchmaking feature that brings together like-minded attendees.

The Eventtus event app is developed to be the most engaging ever, delivering an engagement rate of 97%. Now incorporating the matchmaking feature in it allows the app to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to your event attendees and helps you achieve event success.

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How it works

The matchmaking feature works intuitively and effortlessly.



1. All the attendees have to do is login on the event app, and add their skills and interests when they’re setting up their profile information.




2. Once they do, our smart algorithm will automatically match them with people that have those in common with them, in varying percentages.



3. Through their profile, each attendee will be able to view a complete list of people they’re matched with. That way they will be able to send one-on-one messages or schedule private meetings during your event with attendees that they’re compatible with and that share their interests.


Give your event visitors the networking they deserve and boost your event’s performance through the most engaging event app ever, by Eventtus!

We would love to discover your event’s needs and explore the different options that will match you; just request a free, personalized demo of our solutions, or watch a live product webinar with our sales team.

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