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How to make your Q&A Sessions more engaging with Eventtus live Q&A tool.


Q&A sessions are always a tough nut to crack for event organizers because they’re never predictable and hard to manage. Which led many event organizers to ditch the whole thing. But while taking the safe route, they’re losing a huge opportunity for engagement between speakers and attendees.

At Eventtus we saw an opportunity here to optimize the Q&A session experience for both the attendees and organizers. We were determined to #MakeItHappen!

We’ve introduced the live Q&A tool in our white label event app back in December 2017, since then it has become one of the most loved features ever by event organizers!

Here’s how it works and how it can unlock insights about your audience while making your Q&A sessions more engaging and organized.

Snapshot of Eventtus live Q&A tool

Make more engaging Q&A Sessions

– Save Time:

Everyone who has ever attended a Q&A session knows how much time is wasted:
1- Passing the mic
2- Till the attendee presents him/herself
3- Asking the question itself

Eventtus Live Q&A tool solved this by automating the whole thing. Once questions are sent, they become visible to everyone through the projector and on the event app. Questions are displayed next to the asker name and title, so the moderator knows instantly who’s asking the question and what is their background.

– Better and Easier Moderation:

Many times people ask questions that are irrelevant to the topic, or they ask questions that simply won’t add to the conversation, or maybe you’re hosting a panel with government officials, where not all questions can be answered.

Here comes the facilitator’s role through the facilitator view, where he can select the questions that are being answered and mark the ones which were answered already.

– Increase Engagement:

Q&A sessions were made to create engagement between the stage and the audience in the first place. But often you’d find shy attendees who might have great questions but they’re just too scared to take the mic.

With Eventtus live Q&A tool, this is fixed! Organizers tell us they’ve seen significantly more questions asked when using the live Q&A tool. Simply because there is more room for more people to ask their questions simultaneously rather than one by one.

Also, attendees can vote up the questions they like to get answers to, this way both engagements between stage and attendees, and among attendees themselves increase.

– Shows live metric of audience interest:

When you have the questions recorded you can easily go back to them and figure out what was the points of interest to your attendees? What did they want to know more about? These pointers can help you better plan your next event.

How it all works together


Drop us a line here and we’ll help you make the most out of your Q&A session for your event and your attendees. We’re also rolling out a new feature for the Q&A very soon! You can be the first to try it out.

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