Eventtus at Fab lab making festival


Last friday, we attended Fab lab’s Ramadan mini making festival and we joined them as a partner. 

We had so much fun, met great young passionate people and made a lot of exciting things.

The festival gave an opportunity for kids and young people to make things and think differently about how things work! First there was a physics workshop presented by CORD to explain some physics fundamentals and how physics is applied in real life, followed by another exciting session about airplanes different types.

Our favorite part was the 3D printing section, where they give opportunity to 3D scan kids faces then 3D print them 😀 Imagine kids expressions while their 3D model were printed, kids were very excited to learn how it works! The best part was seeing 3D mini Super Mario. We loved it 😉

Super Mario model in the making :D

Creativity was all over the place, some people were designing sharks, rockets, airplanes and Fanoos Ramadan then they used the  laser cutter machine to create them, we saw a lot of young people doing great models and some buying these products.

Fanoos Ramadan

Also, there was a gallery for handmade accessories, paper art work and paintings.

People with ideas by a 15 years kid

It was a great experience for us but definitely it was even greater for kids who joined the festival and learnt how to think out of the box by creating things instead of only using things.

We would like to thank Fab Lab team one more time for their great mission, we loved being part of that experience and we are very happy to have them as one of our partners.  

Fab lab is the first digital fabrication lab in Egypt that opens access to creative workspace, which gives everyone in the community from small children through to entrepreneurs and businesses, the capability to turn their ideas and concepts into reality.

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