Eventtus 3.0 – Big step towards mobilizing events!


We are thrilled to introduce eventtus V3.0 for iOS. The app is now available for iPhone with elegant interface and more features to enjoy events. The android version is also available on Google play.

We’ve redesigned the app from top to bottom to make it easier to discover great events happening in your city and make the most out of every event.


With Eventtus 3.0 it’s easier to get event’s updates, track the agenda and find speaker profiles.


We made it easier to join the event’s community and know who else is attending the event, connect with people around you, find how similar you are and get introduced casually by shaking hands through the app.

You can manage your connections easily, track people you met at events and find them later with all their contact details and social media links.



We understand that sharing is one of the most important activities at events. We all love to share our images, comment on talks, get involved in discussions and ask questions about latest trends. With that in mind, we added event timeline, where you can share comments, photos or create realtime polls and share it with everyone.


Forget about printed agendas, now you can get event’s full schedule in your pocket and get notified with any changes or last minute updates.


We hope you like the updates and that you find Eventtus getting steadily better with every release. If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us anytime at [email protected] or in the comments below. We’re excited to hear what you think.

You can find Eventtus on the App Store and Google Play now!

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