#EventSurveys: 10 Feedback Questions You MUST Ask Your Attendees


Your event is finally over.

What matters most at this point is that you validate your efforts to measure if you’ve successfully achieved the goals you had set. In addition to the success metrics, such as social media engagement, net promoter score and gross revenue, discovering how your attendees perceived your event provides you with very valuable insights on your performance.

This article will provide you with 10 essential questions you should ask your attendees in a post event survey. You could modify or add questions depending on the type of your event or the information you want to cover, but the following is the foundation for your performance assessment.

Post Event Survey Questions

1. How satisfied are you with the event?

Question type: semantic differential scale

Understanding the level of general satisfaction with your event will give you a broad idea and perception of how successful your event was to your audience. Using the semantic differential scale gives space to the audience to pinpoint their answer precisely.

2. What did you like most about the event?

Question type: multiple choice / open-ended

You could formulate this question as either a list of choices you want your audience to choose from (which will facilitate analyzing the results) or you could give them the space to express freely what they enjoyed the most about your event (which will give you more insight on their opinion).

Knowing which aspects of your event stood out and enjoyed by your attendees helps you find out what you did right. You could then upgrade and repeat the favored aspects again in your next event.

3. What did you like least about the event?

Question type: multiple choice / open-ended

Like the previous question, understanding your event’s downfalls gives you an idea of what you could avoid doing in the future. If you want to compare precisely between different elements of the event, you could formulate this as a multiple choice question; but if you want a more detailed answer from the attendees, give them an open-ended space to tell you what they did not enjoy about the event. This could actually uncover aspects that you were unaware of.

4. How likely are you to recommend this event to your friends?

Question type: NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Someone is more likely to attend your event if they hear about it from a friend rather than if they hear about it for the first time from you. Recommendations are an effective way of widening your audience, as 67% of people are more convinced by a brand/product when an acquaintance shares their positive experience with it. That is why it is important to ask your attendees whether their experience at your event was great enough for them to promote it to others, using a 0-10 scale.

5. How likely are you to attend our events in the future?

Question type: NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Instead of trying to attract a new audience, engage your current ones so that they opt to attend your events again. Find out how many of your attendees are willing to come back, and compare these expected numbers the actual statistics the following year.

6. How did you hear about the event?

Question type: multiple choice

In order to discover your best performing marketing channel, ask your attendees how they heard about your event. Was it through one of your social media channels, a friend of theirs, your offline marketing campaign? Knowing which channel attracted the most attendees allows you to invest your marketing budget in the most valuable platforms. If people heard about the event through social media ads, then it wouldn’t make sense to spend a fortune the following year on offline banners and billboards.

7. How satisfied are you with each of the following features:

Question type: ranking matrix

Determine the most important event components that you want to know the attendees’ feedback about. You can use the matrix to compare the performance of the different elements with each other.

8. Rank the following factors depending on their importance to you when buying an event’s ticket:

Question type: ranking

– Price
– Event location
– Event time
– Networking opportunities
– Quality of sessions, talks & workshops
– Speakers
Understanding what your audiences value the most in an event will help you reprioritize these factors according to that. This will give you insight on what to invest most in the following year, and what will ensure a better experience for the attendees.

9. What would you change in the event to make it a better experience for you?

Question type: open-ended

Ask it outright, and let the attendees comment on the aspect that they wish to change in the event. They could outline things you would not have had in mind.

10. Share with us your thoughts on the event as a whole.

Question type: open-ended

Give your audience the mic and let them express openly what they thought about the event. The more you encourage them to write, the more valuable insight you will get about how your performance and the attendees’ experience as a whole. This will give you room for ameliorations and alterations for your upcoming events.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a template survey with the above questions that you could use directly.

Post Event Survey [TEMPLATE]

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