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What did the Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 app data reveal?


Startup Grind uses Eventtus for the 1st time

We got super psyched when Startup Grind decided for the first time that they want an event app, they chose Eventtus!

The stakes were high for us both, they’re adopting a new platform and we’re powering the app for one of the leading tech and entrepreneurship events in the world. We both worked really hard to make it the best collaboration possible.

The Grind wanted to optimize the experience for its attendees. Networking and an easier access to mentors were on top of mind. We had the right mix to achieve both targets.

Paperless networking with QR Code Scans

Attended by around 6,000 people, Startup Grind is a hub for potential mentors, leads, business partners or interesting people that you would want to meet and exchange contacts with. But how would you do that? Would you take 6,000 business cards with you?

To solve that we introduced QR code scans AKA QR lead retrieval tool. A simple way to exchange contacts between attendees.

Instead of exchanging business cards now attendees can scan each other’s QR code badge on their name-tag to get their contacts seamlessly on their phone.

The Grind crowd loved it. 9,349 scans were made by 1,200 attendees. This is 8 scans/attendee.

Unlocking mentorship opportunities with speakers profiles

The amount of knowledge and experience that was in the lineup was crazy! Everyone had questions or was seeking advice from the speakers. But again that was a 6,000 attendee event and the speakers time is always tight.

We optimized this with speaker profiles, using this feature the attendee can view the list of speakers and their bios, and social media links, they can even send them messages and set up meetings.

Startup Grind Speakers profiles

Speakers’ profiles got 723 views and a total of 6,607 messages were sent in the event.

A glimpse of Startup Grind app data

Each event app provides us with a lot of data that we analyze very seriously to get insights of the event’s performance. We also come up with recommendations to optimize the next editions of the event.

Here is a glimpse of what the data revealed about Startup Grind Global Conference 2018.

Startup Grind app data 2018

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