7 signs that means you need an event app


There is a lot of buzz around event apps and the event-tech in the events industry society these days. Some people think that having an event app is the secret ingredient to a successful event, others still prefer the old fashion techniques.

While the topic of event apps value is huge and can not be covered in one piece, we want to start the baby steps, first, with the fundamental question. Do you really need an app event? What are the key problems that an event app would solve?

Here we will try to explore some of the main reasons many organizers use event apps in the first place.


7 signs you need an event app

1- If you want to get rid of printables and save money.

In case you have a lot of printable materials like the agenda, flyers and other communication messages, you can save all of that printing cost by having everything digitally on the event app.

Put everything just a touch away from your attendees, and also have it lively updated. What if you have sudden changes to your agenda, like a late speaker or a change in plans, the app enables you to edit all your materials live, on the spot.

2- If you want to create new revenue streams.

Give your sponsor sexier packages by options like sponsoring the app itself and having their logo featured on the home screen and in the app related communications whether in emails or prints. Or through sponsoring certain sessions in the agenda or areas in the 3D maps in the case of exhibitions.

That in addition to empowering the sponsor to send tailored branded messages to all attendees through push notifications that may contain promotions or offers or any type of messages that the sponsor would like to communicate in real time with the attendees.

For example here is what Schlumberger did with EGYPS in the Eventtus event app.

EGYPS Event app sponsorship

3- If you want to optimize networking for your attendees.

Events are all about networking and finding the right people. So If there are +200 attendees, it will become nearly impossible for people to accurately cut through the clutter and pinpoint whom they’re interested to talk to and even if they did, how would they be able to schedule meetings with them?

With the app, it’s super smooth and easy. You have a searchable list of everyone with their background info and social links, also with the ability to send them direct messages and schedule meetings right away in no time.

4- If you want to have detailed analytics about your attendees and their behavior.

We’ve all been to events where you have to fill in paper sheets with your info, we all know how hectic this is for both the attendee and the organizer alike. With the event app, all this is just history.

With the app, attendees can register with their social media accounts in few seconds. Then organizer gain access to all the attendees registered info all at once. Not only that but the organizer has the ability to know the behavior of attendees and what actions are they taking on the app.

And at the end organizers get a detailed full report on the highlights of their event, in terms of views, bookmarks, and interactions.

It’s like having a data-driven dashboard of how well your event is performing for either in event actions or for later evaluations.

Here you can see the public version report we published for Step’17 to get a better idea on what kind of data you can get.

5- If you want to reach all your attendees in real time.

If you have an important announcement that you want to communicate ASAP to all attendees and the event is big and has many rooms, what do you do? Ushers, megaphones? Or simply a push notification on the event app.

The event app allows you to communicate directly and personally to everyone attending. Use it to remind them of a session time or ask them a question or start a conversation or whatever you can imagine. It’s like having a mega phone but so quiet and so efficient.

6- If you want to make it easier for your attendees to understand the agenda and track it.

If you’re organizing a big conference with a multi-track agenda with many sessions it would be hard for attendees to track everything they want to attend and stay focused on the event’s content at the same time.

But what if you can have the agenda digitally on the app. Where attendees can bookmark or set reminders before the sessions they’re interested in. Eventtus is very well known for our interactive agenda design and its ease of use. check it out from here.

7- If you want to build a community for your attendees and be part of it!

Everyone wants their attendees to keep coming for their event every year and also recommends it to their friends. Based on our research and experience this is 10 times more likely to happen when the attendee is engaged in a community composed of the rest of the attendees.

With the event app, you can give your attendees the space to talk to each other and share thoughts, comments, pictures and more through an internal social feed. Which also could be shared on social media to create the buzz you want for your event. All by using content generated by your attendees.

It’s all about how engaged your attendees are.

Ultimately your goal as an event organizer, marketer or brand manager is to make your attendees fall in love with your event and be able to express that on social media so that it gains more momentum. Also, you want to track and measure the effectiveness of the actions you do. There is a tool to do all of that and even more. It’s called event apps.

If you’re still not sure whether the event app is for you or not, you can drop us a line here and we’ll contact you right away.

Disclaimer. All the features mentioned above might not be available in other event app providers. However, they are all features and services by Eventtus.

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