Guest Post: Design the Coolest Virtual Booth at RiseUp from Home’s Global Startup Expo!

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Introducing: Virtual Booths at the Global Startup Expo

So, you’ve seen posts about #RiseUpFromHome floating around the internet, and the idea of a virtual booth caught your eye – but what is the Global Startup Expo, anyway? Will your team really be able to engage productively with attendees and potential investors? Why bother with a virtual booth when you already showcase your products on your organization’s website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This piece will help you answer all these questions and offers some insider tips and tricks to customize the coolest virtual booth for your organization! 

Let’s start with the basics:

  • RiseUp from Home is RiseUp’s first-ever fully virtual event, offered as a direct response to COVID-19’s far-reaching impact on global startup ecosystems. This special-edition virtual event will be hosted on local events platform Eventtus, using their state of the art Virtual Platform
  • In addition to 100+ talks, panels, fireside chats, and workshops focused on entrepreneurial grit, RiseUp from Home will include a number of unique digital features, tailored to support startups and entrepreneurs navigate today’s changing business landscape. See: Startup Office Hours and Networking Circles.

How it works:

The Global Startup Expo is the prime showcasing feature at RiseUp From Home. Once attendees log into the Eventtus Virtual Platform, access to the Global Startup Expo will be clearly visible on the left side of their screen. Attendees will be free to explore this part of the platform during all three days of RiseUp from Home. 

While scrolling through the Global Startup Expo, attendees will see each booth clearly indicated and can enter by clicking on it. Their page will then redirect to the chosen Virtual Booth.

Customize your booth: 

As an exhibitor at RiseUp from Home, you’ll have the opportunity to customize various parts of your Virtual Booth:

  • Contact details: Enter the best ways for leads to contact you. Your entry can include your office address, email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, websites, and more! 
  • Video demo/introduction: Upload a video of your choice to introduce your organization to attendees. This could be a demo of your digital product or a promotional video. 
  • Team members: Your selected team members will appear on the right side of the screen and attendees will be able to chat with them to inquire further about your startup. 
  • About section: Who are you and what is your mission statement? Give attendees a sense of what your company is about in this section. 
  • Product portfolio: List your offerings, with links to where attendees can find out more. 
  • Additional resources: Do you have any more information you want to share with visitors to your booth? Upload it here! This could include product manuals, registration forms, recent press releases, or other promotional materials. 

Tips and tricks:

  1. Assign the right team members to represent your startup:
    • The team members whose name will appear inside your Virtual Booth will be your front-facing representatives to potential customers and investors. 
    • Choose people who are good communicators, and whom you can trust to be online and readily available to answer questions. 
  • TIP: The ideal representative should be able to fluently chat with attendees in both Arabic and English. 
  • Your representatives should be knowledgeable enough about your offerings to answer attendees’ questions, or be able to redirect them to another colleague.
2. Ensure your contact details are up-to-date and displayed clearly:
  • One of the first things attendees will look at is how to contact your team, especially if they are intrigued by your demo/promo video. Questions to ask yourself:
    • Is your listed website up-to-date and does it represent your startup accurately?
    • Are the phone numbers you’ve listed in use and open to receiving inquiries?
    • If your products are sold on a third-party platform (i.e. not your website), have you entered this link too? 
3. Choose your video wisely:
    • Does your video of choice mention products or services that you no longer offer? Have you pivoted to new offerings that aren’t mentioned in the video displayed in your Virtual Booth? These common pitfalls will misrepresent your startup to potential customers and investors. 
    • Ensure your video of choice is up-to-date and of professional quality. You’re trying to impress, after all! 
  • TIP: It never hurts to include a Call to Action at the end of your video, which will push viewers to take their interest further and find out more about what you have to offer. 
4. Optimize your resources:
  • Don’t just upload every single promotional material you’ve created for your startup in this section! Too many resources will confuse and overwhelm your Virtual Booth visitors. 
  • Instead, focus on resources that relate directly to your main company objectives at the moment:
    • Are you running a promotional offer or program right now that you want attendees to know about? 
    • Did you just release a press release that you’d like the media to have access to? 
    • Maybe you’ve just released a new product and would like to share a User’s Guide for it? 

The bottom line is: 

A Virtual Booth works just like the traditional booth you’d set up for any physical event. 

  • Just as you wouldn’t overflow a physical booth with lots and lots of materials that may be disorienting to the eye of your visitor, you also don’t want to overwhelm your Virtual Booth with several, unrelated pieces of information. Choose a few key objectives you want to achieve through staging this Virtual Booth and focus on resources that will help you get there. 
  • Just as you wouldn’t choose team members who are uncomfortable with front-facing client interactions to represent your startup at a physical booth, think of your online representatives in the same way! They must be confident in offering information to attendees and personable enough to stimulate their interest in what your startup has to offer. 

To find out more about booking your own Virtual Booth for just 750 EGP at #RiseUpFromHome’s Global Startup Expo, click here

To find out more about the Eventtus Virtual Platform, click here

We can’t wait #RiseUpFromHome with you online! 

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