6 criteria to evaluate an event app before buying


The diversity in event app types, prices and characteristics meets the diverse need between event organizers. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; each event has its own objectives, which makes the right event app different for each one. However, there are certain criteria that you should evaluate when choosing your event app.

1. Does it have the essential features for my goals?

According to the purpose and objectives of your event, you might need specific features. If you’re organizing an engaging conference, you might need networking features; if you’re hosting an exhibition or trade show, then you might need sponsorship and lead retrieval features. The right event app for you should have the features that you need to meet your event goals.

Tip: Having a lot of features does not necessarily mean that it’s a great event app. Look for the features that suit YOUR event needs, type and size.

2. What sets it apart from other options? What’s the area they are really good at?

Consider what makes your event app better than its competitors’. Does it have a key differentiator? Having a unique selling point or characteristic makes your event app stand out among others and plays a role in branding your company.

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3. Does the value justify the price? Does it fit my budget?

When comparing between event apps, you’ll find that there are different price ranges. What matters when it comes to the price, is how much value you’re getting in return. An event app is an investment for your event’s success. Don’t just settle for the cheapest thinking that you’re cutting down your losses, it might not necessarily satisfy your event’s needs. There are usually different packages to meet the organizer’s varying budgets, so ask your customer success manager to match you with the right plan.

4. Can it integrate with my CRM? What integrations do I need?

You don’t really want to progress with the sales process only to find out that the event app does not integrate with your CRM. Getting an event app that could integrate with your system and with the other solutions that you’re using will facilitate the process of importing and exporting data instead of manually transcribing it, and will make it possible to merge the attendees’ information between the event app and your ticketing/registration solution.

5. How good is the customer support? Will I find the support I need?

Having a dedicated customer support team is necessary to answer any questions you might have, work on solving any issues that may arise and accommodate the technical requests you have for the event app. Some event app providers merely provide email support, while others’ extend to chat support or even having an account manager allocated for you. Find out what kind of support will you manage best with, and request to include it in your event app plan.

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6. Additional features and add-ons (lead retrieval – analytics)

Because sometimes you might like an additional feature that is not the package you’ve chosen for your event app, discover the possible add-ons that you include to your event app to upgrade the experience. If you’re organizing a trade show, promoting a lead capture and retrieval tool to your exhibitors could be advantageous as it delivers tangible ROI to them. Receiving additional analytics and business intelligence reports could give you in-depth insight about your event that would help you improve the experience in any upcoming event your organize.

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