Year Wrap-Up: 19 Eventtus moments of 2019


It was a lively year at Eventtus! 2019 witnessed a lot of growth, learning, achievements, and transformations. This wouldn’t have been possible without YOU. As we look back, we want to share with you the most exciting moments that we had throughout the year.

Here are the top 19 moments of 2019 for Eventtus:

We are growing!

1. Rebranding

To align with this year’s vision of transformation, we changed our visual identity to reflect our brand promise and product quality, evolving our brand to Think Big, Think Easy. Read the full rebranding story here.

2. A new office in Saudi Arabia

Not only was the brand growing, but the team and operations as well! In addition to our offices in Cairo and Dubai, we just opened an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as well. Your city is next!

More top-notch Eventtus products were introduced!

1. Lead retrieval

Event exhibitors can capture leads with a quick scan and qualify them instantly. What’s a better way to give your sponsors and exhibitors the maximum value at your event!

Learn More

2. On-site registration

Organizers avoided the hassle of long queues at their event venues, and made attendees registration quick and simple! 

Say hello to our advanced online ticketing platform!

Armed with a fully-fledged list of features you need, now you can sell tickets in multiple currencies, and organize events in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia in no time.

15 new features were developed and launched this year!

This year was a fruitful year in the features we’ve introduced and added to our solutions after listening to event organizers’ needs. Here are the ones you loved the most:

  • matchmaking attendees
  • sessions registration,
  • meeting request, 
  • lead retrieval analytics & newsletter, 
  • advanced ticketing features
  • smart beacons
  • gamification
  • agenda widget

and many many more!

We transformed the app experience to become streamlined, with a fresher look

We concluded the year with a smash transformation at RiseUp Summit 2019, where the entire app experience was completely renovated to help users make the best out of your event!


Our apps went viral!

In 2019, people used Eventtus apps in 35 countries around the world. Wow!

The customized agenda was our most loved feature!

Our agenda features were used 1.6 million times this year, nice!

Everyone created their own agenda based on their interests, and were updated instantly with all sudden changes to sessions, workshops, and talks’ details.

We made efficient networking possible with Matchmaking!

Attendees are matched with people of similar interests and skills to them using the smart matchmaking feature. No more networking with the wrong people, enable people to forge meaningful connections and make the best out of your event!

We turned our apps into a game!

By introducing gamification in our apps, you can create scavenger hunts, games, missions and awards based on a point system that keeps everyone at an event excited and on their feet.

Know what attendees are doing, and where they’re going!

We distributed smart Beacons around event venues to collect data on which halls, booths and areas the attendees are navigating around, and analyzed everything through the insightful heat-maps.

Exhibitors generated 23,000 leads using Lead Retrieval!

Happy exhibitors are the key to a successful trade show! 3500 exhibitors were invited to use the lead retrieval to get the maximum value at events, by capturing leads and qualifying them based on how relevant they are to their business.

We shared our knowledge with you!

We published a lot of awesome content, but these 4 were your favorites:

Our community of stakeholders is growing by the day

Eventtus is continually empowering all of its stakeholders that use its solutions to create a more engaging event experience for everyone. This year we’ve had:

  • 3499 sponsors
  • 1884 partners
  • 31037 exhibitors

You asked and we answered inquiries through our newly opened dedicated Ticketing Call Center

Launched only last August, the call center received and answered more than 1877 inquiries about our ticketing services and the best practices about the platform, helping event attendees have a smooth and hassle-free ticketing experience. 

Call us Sunday through Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM at +2 012 0191 9999.

Eventtus Hackathon launched for the 3rd year in a row

Every year, our team breaks off regular tasks and brainstorms for creative ideas to work on in the following period to empower event organizers. We had a winning team this year with an exciting solution that event organizers will love. Stay tuned to know what we’re bringing to the table soon!

Our solutions set foot in new territories around the globe

Eventtus has been working with organizers from all around the world. This year, we expanded our customer base across Europe, Africa and the Middle East; collaborating with events in Muscat, Georgia, France, South Africa, Jordan and many more to provide them with our most engaging app!

So many meaningful connections were made through our apps

  • 75,756 messages were sent between attendees
  • 3,503,307 interactions were made
  • 242,526 searches for attendees, speakers, sponsors & partners

We launched our referral program so that you could share the love!

You can now earn $250 every time you refer a friend or an acquaintance, limitlessly!
Refer a Friend

Events made an outstanding performance with Eventtus.

  • RiseUp Summit: Top performer Event!
  • CMX Summit in USA: Highest Engagement Rate.
  • World Youth Forum in Egypt: Highest App Adoption Rate.
  • Startup Grind Global & Europe Conferences: Highest Interactions Rate.

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see your success in 2020!

We’re ready for 2020, and we hope you are too; because this new year, we look forward to creating more, achieving more and inspiring more!

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