10 Tricks To Master Your Way Around STEP 2017 Conference With Your App


STEP Conference is 2 days away and we can’t be more excited for all the happenings! We thought to share with you the best 10 hacks and insider tips we’re using to make the most out of STEP conference.

First step, you need to download the latest STEP 2017 Conference App on your phone:

Download for iOS: https://goo.gl/oJXc5l
Download for Android: https://goo.gl/b7425i



STEP 2017 conference is a networking heaven (specially for startups).

Update your profile. Add your company details, bio and your interests (it help in search results 😉) 

2. Find Other Attendees & Connect With The Best!

Go to the attendees list on the app and browse the attendees. Read the titles and companies, you never know you might meet your biggest client on the app. 

Click on the star icon to favorite attendees you want to meet during the event.

3. Chat With Other Attendees

Don’t be shy! Use the private messages to introduce yourself and ask to meet potential investors, clients and partners. Or you can use the messages templates for quick intros.

4. Plan Every Step Of Your STEP 2017!

The most updated agenda on the STEP App is super packed with amazing and inspiring sessions. Bookmark sessions you like Click the small “+” button beside the session name to add it to your own agenda and you will get a reminder before the session starts.

5. Meet Like-Minded Startup Innovators! 

Check the Startups and Exhibitors lists and read more about all their products and visit their booths.

6. Go Social, Keep The Conversation Going!

Let everyone meet and get to know you better on the feed, share your thoughts and reply to other attendee’s comments. We also added emojis reactions 😍 to make it easier to interact with others.

7. Use POLLS

Use the polls to ask any question and get instant feedback from other attendees and speakers.

Note on the side – Startups using polls last year got very high quality responses. The space is all yours to decide how to use it.

8. Food Is The Way  To One’s Heart! Food Menu is here

Don’t know what mood you’re in, check the food trucks menus on the app and skip the lines.

9.Your Time Is Gold, Save It For What Matters! Navigate through the venue

Looking for a startup or a company exhibiting at the event? Check the interactive venue map and search for the company name to get the walking directions to their booth.

10. Ditch The Lines,  Use the special benefits for App holder

We have a dedicated registration desk for STEP 2017 App holders, make sure you have the app installed and logged in to skip the lines and do more.

Extra Good News? All of this applies to both STEP 2017 Conference and Music.

Make an unstoppable impression and have a happy networking



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