10 Apps to boost event organizers productivity


Great events don’t just magically happen, it takes a lot of effort, coffee mugs, and many to-do lists. If often you, like many other event organizers, feel lost, and the number of tasks is confusing you, then this post is for you and all the event planners out there who are seeking tools to make their life easier.

We compiled our favorite productivity tools for event organizers below.

1- Asana

Asana event organizers tool

Asana is a project management tool that helps you to clear the clutter by offering creative tools for creating teams, starting projects and breaking it down to tasks that could be assigned to members, while all being monitored and tracked in real time.

It also helps in collaborations through team conversations and integrations with other apps like slack and Google drive.

2- Trello

For those who love to-dos and think that it’s what the world needs, this tool is for you. Trello is an advanced to-do tool that enables collaborations and simple progress tracking through lists and boards. It’s your best friend if you’re managing small events with simple tasks that could be summed up in a Trello card.

3- G suite

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.27.06 PM

The ultimate sandbox. It stores all your docs and presentations on the cloud, so they are accessible from any device at any time and instantly updated so you don’t have to worry about backups or failed hardware anymore. This makes G suite one of the most used tools for pro event planners. It promotes collaboration and offers an interactive experience for users on both mobile and web.

4- Slack

The WhatsApp for work, It’s the mail killer. Slack is a communication tool for your team, where you can share updates, chat about progress, discuss tasks and celebrate achievements. Slack lets you create multiple channels (aka chat rooms) and private or public groups within your team and it has bots! How cool is that?

5- Rapportive

rapportive event organizers tool

A very handy Chrome extension for Gmail that helps you get a clearer context on your contacts on Gmail. Simply hover over an email and Rapportive will show you details about their social media links, location, and previous work experience. This is crucial for your sales and marketing teams to better understand the background of the people they’re talking to and explore new opportunities.

6- Buffer

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.23.24 PM

If you’re not on social media you don’t exist anymore. But you can easily get lost while managing all your accounts and communication trying to sell tickets or raise awareness.

Buffer allows you to manage your social media platforms, schedule posts, analyze and publish all from one place.

7- Guru

Imagine having a personal guru assigned to each one of your team to walk them through the steps and procedure of how tasks are done. Guru helps you in the training process, either of the newcomers in your team or even the veterans on new techniques through an easy step by step walkthrough.


ifttt event organizers tool

“If this then that”. Is a free tool that creates a chain of conditional actions linking most of the social apps you use together. These conditions are called applets. For example, you can create an applet that whenever someone books a ticket it automatically notifies you on Slack, or get an SMS notification whenever someone comments on your blog. It’s very helpful if you’re using multiple apps and you’re routine tasks that could be automated.

9- Notify

Keeping an eye on social media conversations that you’re involved in is critical to your success. Use Notify to get instant notifications on Slack or Hipchat whenever your event is mentioned on any social media platform.

10- What’s your favorite tool?

Our life would have been much harder without these amazing tools. Let us know your experience with them in the comments section below. And tell us what’s your favorite productivity tool? If we liked it, we will update this blog with it and feature you too 😉

All these tools help event organizers to stay on top of their game, in a way. We at Eventtus help them in a different way through our technology and dedicated support team, to know more drop us a line here.

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