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Boost your event engagement like never before!

  • Smart matchmaking

    Empower your attendees to network and schedule meetings with the right people

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  • Keep everyone up-to-date

    Inform your attendees with all that’s happening in your event, in real-time

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  • Interact with your attendees

    Supercharge your attendees’ participation via live Q&A, polling and feedback features.

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  • Monetize your event app

    Generate leads for your sponsors and exhibitors by giving them maximum exposure on the app

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Everything you need to manage your event

Dashboard Manager

Your Event’s Command Center

  • customize

    Customize Your Agenda

    Gain complete control over your agenda setup and keep you attendees upto date.

  • upload

    Bulk Content Upload

    Uploading your content is quick and painless using our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • notification

    Digital Announcement System

    Send instant alerts and notifications to your attendees on the go



Capture data from your mobile app, track attendee behavior throughout their journey and collect feedback from user polls and surveys all in one place. Generate insights and new learning to build upon for your next event’s success.

An easy, simple solution to sell tickets & manage online registration

Whether you’re hosting a conference, exhibition, or ticketing a festival, our online ticketing platform gets you up and running quickly — and looks great on any device.

  • ticket

    Create and Sell in Minutes

    Generate unlimited types and numbers of tickets for your event with total simplicity.

  • widget

    Sell on your website

    Drive traffic to your website to sell more tickets

  • checkin

    Faster Shorter Check-in

    No more inconvenient queues or inconvenienced attendees.

  • percentage

    Track Sales in Real-time

    Track and monitor your ticket sales, promo code redemptions on the fly.


Trusted by top events around the world

Guillaume De Smedt
VP Global Community @ StartUp Grind

“It was the first time we used an event app in our conference and it has made a really big difference! Being able to see the connections being made and the interactions between them, to direct the people with the push notification alerts. It was a truly great experience.”

Ray Dargham
CEO @ Step Conference

“We’ve been using Eventtus for the past 3 years and it’s been an amazing experience. It’s one fo the most important things to have in Step Conference to allow attendees to connect and know what’s going on.”

Abdelhameed Sharara
CEO @ RiseUp Summit

“We actually matched the offline event experience with the online app experience. It gave credibility to the event, and even allowed people who did not want to pick up the mic to ask their questions and be part of the conversation.”

Nizar Fakih
Co-founder @ Step Conference

“The app is great as usual. It’s not the first time to use Eventtus app. Every year there are new features.”

Thea Skelton
Festival Director @ Dubai Lynx

“Eventtus created the best app the festival has ever had, which widely used by the majority of delegates. It scored very high in our feedback ratings. I would thoroughly recommend the hugely helpful and professional team.”