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TEDxAUC: Idea Bakers

Bassily Hall, American University in Cairo new campus, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Entrepreneurs launch ideas same way bakers bake a pie.

Just as a delicious pie needs a skillful baker who can actually make it, grand achievements need persistent doers. We believe that baking an idea is more crucial than the idea itself; think of the huge amount of thinkers you meet every day, but clever bakers are very rare to find. Think of how many ideas bombard your mind and you never find the courage pursue any of them. If your idea is not well-baked, then it doesn't exist. You could have a million ideas, but they are all worthless if you don’t get them done.

This event will feature the most inspiring success stories of Egyptian entrepreneurs and persistent go-getters in all fields, not just in business. Speakers will give us an insightful look from the day they got their ideas till the know-how of baking their ideas with the perfect ingredients.

Idea bakers will be a meet-up of successful entrepreneurs and others whose ideas are still in the baking phase so they can network together and get their ideas well-cooked with more ingredients and in the shortest time possible. If you have ideas you want to bake, this is the perfect opportunity to taste what others have baked and learn how bake something as tasty!

Want to attend ?
Please follow these steps:

1- Fill out the attendees application form ( Click "Register" button ) or visit: http://tedxauc.net/attendees-application 

2- We will send you email soon to inform you either your application got approved or not. ( Don't worry we love to have you at TEDxAUC and we will approve your application ;)
3- Get your ticket through Ticketsmarche.
You can get your ticket online through Ticketsmarche's guaranteed safe and secure website or you can get it from one of ticketsmarche's many retail outlets around Cairo & Alexandria. ( Please visit http://ticketsmarche.com/se_1345_tedxauc---idea-bakers.html for more details ).

Ticket price: 50 EGP 

PS. Filling the attendees application does not grant you access to our event. Upon approval, applicant has to purchase a ticket in order to be eligible to attend. 

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or contact us on 0122-148-2294 

created by : TEDxAUC

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TEDxAUC: Idea Bakers

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