eventtus: Discover interesting events, concerts and festivals. Organize great events and sell tickets

Never miss an event you care about

Discover great events in your city. Tell us what you like, and we’ll make sure you won’t miss it

Mobile app for every event you attend

Get event agenda, sessions details and latest updates in your pocket

Network like a pro!

Join an event’s community, meet like-minded people and keep track of your connections

Organizers, we’ve got your back

eventtus is a full-service planning and networking platform for event organizers and attendees. Grow your community, sell more tickets, and offer your attendees the best event app they can use every day.

Manage your event

Create beautiful event pages in a few minutes, promote your event and start selling tickets right away.

Networking app

Build your own community, highlight speakers, sessions and featured attendees. Maximize networking opportunities for your guests.

Engage your attendees

Send live announcements and updates, create real time polls and get instant feedback from your attendees.

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